Kochi, previously called as "Cochin" is also popularly known as "Queen of the Arabian Sea". It attracts large number of tourists from different parts of the world to enjoy cultural performances, shopping and sightseeing. India by Car and Driver is offering personalized day tours for Cochin to explore the major tourist attractions. Cochin Day tours are comprised of TukTuk tour of Fort Cochin and Mattancherry, Kallancherry fishing village visit, Day Excursion to Periyar and Day excursion to Munnar.

Tuk Tuk Tour of Fort Cochin & Mattancherry


Tour Plan :

Cochin > Mattancherry > Cochin

Kallancherry Fishing Village Visit


Tour Plan :

Cochin > Kallancherry Fshing Village > Cochin

Day Excursion to Periyar


Tour Plan :

Cochin > Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary > Cochin

Day Excursion to Munnar


Tour Plan :

Cochin > Munnar > Cochin