Safety Features

Mr. Ramesh Meena, CEO and director of India By Car and Driver has done a special driving course that includes all safety features to develop right driving skills and ensure safe driving. We take customers safety at top priority and take care that our car rentals meet the safety requirement of them.

Our car rental deals into the comprehensive range of safety features. Entire vehicle offered by India By Car and Driver covers following features-

  • Auto seat belts for all seats
  • Facility of roll over protection bar and bull bar
  • Fire extinguisher facility
  • First Aid kit
  • Equipped with tool box and spare parts
  • Luggage nets to manage excess luggage
  • Driver with mobile phone
  • Safety induction with passenger before starting the tour
  • Emergency response plan
  • Cheapest car rentals as a part of transportation service

Professional and trained drivers of India By Car and Driver deliver following driving safety features-

  • Our drivers are trained in defensive driving organized by 4WD India Training program.
  • Our drivers can have good command over English language.
  • All drivers of India By Car and Driver have valid driving license.
  • Left hand side driving pattern vehicle to reduce risk.
  • Advanced training is provided to follow country road laws.
  • Seat belts will be worn strictly.
  • The vehicle will not run over the speed of 100km/hr on National highway (2way) and 70 km/h on State highway.
  • Two hours break will be taken after every 2 hrs journey.
  • Won’t drive at high speed near villages/town or intersections.

How do we care about the environment?

  • Our driver maintains record of fuel and lubricant consumption and costs.
  • Proper exhaust system will be used to minimize emission and control pollution.
  • We avoid fuel spillage during refueling
  • No plastic, litter, etc will be thrown out from the vehicle.
  • All maintenance related lubricant will be carried out
  • India By Car and Driver provide regular vehicle maintenance to its entire vehicle range.
  • Our drivers drive on routes with low traffic to avoid delay.
  • Our vehicle contains tires which are designed to improve fuel economy.
  • We return used tires for recycling.
  • We always use existing roads and tracks instead of finding out new.
  • We drive around contours or on ridge to reduce off-road erosion.

India By Car and Driver is a reliable car rental company, providing wide range of vehicle for lease. With India By Car and Driver, safety and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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