10 Traditional Souvenirs To Buy In 10 Indian States

India, as we all know, is the cultural and traditional hub. You will find unique history, heritage, landscape, cuisine, and souvenirs wherever you go there. Yes, you heard us right. Every state has a souvenir to offer, and knowing what to buy is very important for a memorable experience. This blog is here to assist you with your Shopping in India. These are the 10 Traditional Souvenirs to Buy in 10 Indian States.    

Andhra Pradesh: To remember the South-eastern state of India, you must get the beautiful Budithi Brassware, famous at the Budithi village. One of the great things about brassware is that local artisans make these, so getting your hands on one is one of the best things to do in Andhra Pradesh.    

Andhra Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh: There are many things to do and many beautiful places to see in Arunachal Pradesh, but the one thing you can’t miss is the Wood and Bamboo Artifacts. The skilled artisans make various goods such as vessels, baskets, masks, bags, and ornaments. However, tourists also like to buy local clothing products such as skirts, shawls, and blouses beyond these artifacts.     

Arunachal Pradesh

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Assam: We all know that Assam is famous for its tea hence India by Car and Driver recommends you to buy some fresh and flavorsome tea after you have explored its tea plantations as the top thing to do in Assam. We also recommend you to buy the state’s famous Saris made from Muga Silk. These unique hand-woven Saris with gold and silk Zari are a must-have for your garments collection.    


Bihar: The Indian state Bihar is famous for its two types of paintings known as Kalam and Madhubani. To give you an idea, the Kalam paintings are directly made from brush and color without pencil outlines. On the other hand, Madhubani paintings are made from twigs, fingers, brushes, matchsticks, etc. Overall, these are one of the best souvenirs from Bihar to take home.   


Chhattisgarh: You should know about Chhattisgarh because it is home to many tribal communities, so finding a collection of Sculptures and Pottery showcasing the tribes’ traditional costumes is normal. Hence these are the souvenirs you should take back home.


Goa: The souvenirs you take back home from Goa will remind you of its beaches whenever you take a look. The beach and party state of Goa are famous for Coconut Shell Artworks. You will find endless options, from coconut shell bottles to lampshades, necklaces, and hair clips. But not only that, but you will also find breezy dresses, floral shirts, beer mugs, ashtrays, cashew Feni Wine, silver jewelry, and accessories. So now you know what to purchase when shopping in Goa.    


Gujarat: Gujarat has unique products for buying traditional Indian dresses. The state is famous for its local Bandhani Dress Materials, Saris, Dupattas, and other apparel. You will find the fabrics in vibrant colors and patterns, decorated with tricky needlework and glasswork that you must take home. But beyond that, you will also like the appliqué work items, famous in the state.  


Haryana: When you buy the famous Wooden Goods of Haryana, such as frames, toys, furniture, and artifacts, you bring not only home souvenirs but also support the state’s small-scale manufacturers. Also, if you love cricket, don’t forget to buy Haryana’s world-famous cricket bats.


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Himachal Pradesh: The one thing you need to do while Exploring North India in Himachal Pradesh is to buy the state’s Famous Traditional Handlooms, woolen products, antique silver jewelry, fruit wine, jams, and jellies. These goods make ideal souvenirs and gifts, so your purchase is worth it.  

Himachal Pradesh

Jammu & Kashmir: You need to have something to remember the paradise on earth, Jammu and Kashmir by. India by Car and Driver recommends the famous Pashmina Shawls, cashmere sweaters, Papier-mâché, saffron, and Kashmiri Kahwa.

Jammu & Kashmir

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To buy these souvenirs, you need to travel to these states in India. Your South and North India Tours shouldbe luxurious and affordable. We offer the best India Tour Packages for a memorable time with your family and friends.

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