12 Major Festivals to Celebrate in Ram Mandir with India Tour Packages

12 Incredible Festivals in Ram Mandir to Witness with India Tour Packages

The newly inaugurated Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is set to mark its first Basant Panchami festival with unparalleled grandeur on February 14th, opening a new chapter in India’s rich tapestry of cultural and religious festivities. After the world-famous inauguration of Ram Mandir on 22nd January 2024, the spiritual abode is ready to host some major festivals in the coming days. Excited? Then book top-rated India Tour packages for your India Trip and read this guide to experience the best festivities of India at Ram Mandir!

12 Incredible Festivals in Ram Mandir to Witness with India Tour Packages

These festivals are not just celebrations but a part of a meticulously planned calendar by the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, which has slated twelve major festivals to be observed at the temple premises throughout the year.

With the divine presence of Ram Lalla within its sanctum, the temple is buzzing with preparations to celebrate each festival following age-old Hindu traditions, as shared by the temple’s treasurer.

This development presents a unique opportunity for spiritual explorers, travellers and devotees worldwide, promising an immersive experience into the heart of Hindu culture through customized India tour packages!

Festival Name2024 Date (Approximate)
Basant Panchami14 February
Ram Navami17 April
Sita Navami16 May
Narasimha Jayanti21 May
Sawan Jhula UtsavJuly-August (Varies)
Janmashtami26 August
Vijayadashami12 October
Sharad Purnima16 October
Diwali1 November
Vivah PanchamiDecember
Makar SankrantiJanuary

Witness Basant Panchami at Ram Mandir on Your India Trip

People celebrate Basant Panchami to welcome the arrival of spring. It’s dedicated to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music, and arts. People wear yellow and worship Saraswati to gain wisdom and learning.

Experience Ram Navami with North India Tour Packages

Ram Navami marks the birth of Lord Rama. Devotees observe fasts, sing bhajans, visit temples, and read the Ramayana. The festival embodies the virtues of truth and morality as displayed by Lord Ram.

Celebrate Sita Navami on Your India Tour in Ayodhya!

This festival commemorates the birth of Goddess Sita. It is usually celebrated with fasting, pujas, and reading the Ramayana, Sita Navami highlights Sita’s devotion, purity, and sacrifices as an ideal woman.

Discover Incredible Narasimha Jayanti at Ram Mandir Ayodhya

During this festival, people celebrate the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha to restore dharma and protect his devotee Prahlada. It is religiously celebrated with fasting, prayers, and recitations from sacred texts.

Check Out the Sawan Jhula Utsav on Your North India Tour

Sawan Jhula Utsav is a monsoon festival celebrating Lord Krishna’s playful aspects. Devotees swing deities in beautifully decorated swings, sing devotional songs, and participate in processions and cultural programs.

Commemorate Janmashtami with Luxury India Tour Packages!

Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. It is vibrantly celebrated with fasting, midnight prayers, devotional singing, and re-enactments of Krishna’s life events. A major event to witness during this festival is the exhilarating Dahi Handi competition.

Observe Bawandwadashi with Tours by Best Travel Agency in India

Bawandwadashi, also known as Vamana Dwadashi, celebrates the fifth avatar of Vishnu. Devotees worship Shri Hari with rituals, especially in the morning. Donating curd, rice, and food to Brahmins is considered highly auspicious on Vamana Jayanti.

Revel in Vijayadashami/Dussehra with Best Holiday Packages India

Dussehra celebrates the victory of Lord Rama over demon king Ravana, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. Effigies of Ravana are burnt, and dramatic re-enactments are performed during Dussehra that you must witness on your India tour.

Cherish Sharad Purnima with Popular India Tour Packages

Sharad Purnima marks the full moon day of the autumn season. It is typically celebrated with night-long prayers, singing, and dancing.

Celebrate Diwali by booking Premium Group Tour Packages in India

Diwali, popularly known as festival of lights celebrates the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. This festival is marked by lighting lamps, fireworks, worship, sweets, and exchanges of gifts among families and friends.

Experience Vivah Panchami on Your Fascinating India Trip!

Vivah Panchami commemorates the wedding of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. It is celebrated with re-enactments of their wedding, processions, and cultural festivities, highlighting the virtues of commitment and marital fidelity.

Enjoy Makar Sankranti by booking Family Tour Packages in India

Makar Sankranti marks the sun’s transition into Capricorn, celebrating the upcoming harvest season. This festival is famous among locals for kite flying, bonfires, feasts, and donations to the needy, symbolizing a fresh start.

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Knowledgeable Guides to Help You Know about Ram Mandir

Our India tour packages are designed to offer not just a glimpse, but a deep dive into India’s rich traditions, where each festival is a testament to the country’s enduring heritage and communal harmony.

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