6 Reasons to Go on a Road Trip to Munnar with South India Holiday Packages

Munnar Roadtrip

Tired of the daily grind? Why not grab a long weekend and set your sights on Munnar in Kerala? Munnar is a treasure trove of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Let’s dive into how you can amp up your adventure.

The Magic of Road Trips with India Tour Packages

There’s nothing quite like a road trip, am I right? Crank up your favourite tunes and watch the scenery roll by.

Make a game out of spotting cool stuff along the route. Pull over when something catches your eye – maybe a funky landmark or a mouthwatering food stand. Trying the local grub is part of the whole experience.

Little stops and detours give the journey flavour when you book with the top tour agents in India. In the end, you’ll be recharged and ready to take on the daily grind again. A change of pace works wonders!

Trust us, you’ll start looking at life through road trip goggles!

Why Go a Munnar Road trip with on Your Kerala Tour?

1). Enjoy Incredible Highway Connectivity

Driving to Munnar is a breeze thanks to some delightful highway connections. The area’s crisscrossed with well-kept state and national highways that’ll take you straight there, no problem!

Munnar itself sits right on NH49. No matter if you’re coming from Kochi, Chennai, Bengaluru or anywhere in between, the drive will be smooth as butter. The roads are made for scenic cruising, so you can sit back, crank the tunes and soak up those lush views along the way.

With highway connections, this solid, Munnar is road trip heaven. All you need to do is book a South Grandeur Tour Package.

Why wait? Pack your bags and hit the highway, my friend – adventure awaits!

2). Savor the Flavors of the South on the Go with the Best Kerala Tour Packages

As you cruise the highways to Munnar, keep an eye out for those sweet roadside restaurants. Most spots are super clean and serve up hearty South Indian grub for cheap. We’re talking steaming rice, spicy rasam, savoury sambar – the good stuff.

Go traditional and eat on a banana leaf if you can. Gotta save room for Payasam too, that creamy coconutty dessert is a must. After scarfing all that deliciousness, you’ll need a steaming hot coffee to stay sharp for the rest of the drive.

Roadside dining is part of the whole experience – and in this case, it’s an awesomely delicious part. Fill up on local flavours as you make your way to Munnar. Your tastebuds will thank you later!

3). Catch Nature’s Show at Pothamedu Viewpoint with Top-Rated Tour Agents in India

Make sure to schedule in a sunset stop at Pothamedu Viewpoint when road-tripping to Munnar. This awesome overlook is open daily from 9am-7:30pm, and get this – no entry fee!

While you can swing by anytime, sunset is really when Pothamedu shines. Watching the sun dip below the horizon from this peak is straight-up magical. The interplay of oranges, pinks and purples as daylight fades to twilight is mesmerizing. It’s the ultimate Instagrammable moment.

For the perfect golden hour shot, time your visit and catch the sunset at Pothamedu.

4). Make a Stop at Kundala Lake for a Quick Unwinding!

Looking for a little peace and quiet on your Munnar road trip? Make sure to take a breather at Kundala Lake.

Surrounded by gorgeous cherry blossom trees, it’s straight out of a dream. Just standing on the shore soaking in the views will instantly lower your blood pressure. Or get out on the water for next-level relaxation – you can take your pick from shikara boat rides, row boating, pedal boating, and speed boating.

However, you choose to enjoy it, Kundala Lake is the ultimate spot to press pause on your road trip and simply be present in nature’s beauty.

Let the soft ripples and floating petals take you to your happy place. Book a Kerala Tour Package today!

5). Swing by the Sevenmallay Tea Estate

One road trip stop you won’t want to miss is the Sevenmallay Tea Estate, owned by Tata Tea. It’s nestled near the Kanan Devi Hills and is totally free to enter.

The name comes from a hill representing the Hindu gods Shiva and Mallay. Driving through the gates is like entering a green wonderland – acres of lush tea plants as far as the eye can see.

Take a deep breath of that refreshing tea leaf scent. It’s instantly rejuvenating. Meander the paths and admire the sweeping views.

With scenery this stunning, you’ll want to take tons of pictures!

6). Dive into Adventure at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

If your road trip takes you by the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, consider stopping in from 8am-5pm. This sanctuary is home to some incredible endangered species like the tufted grey langur, giant squirrels, slender loris, and gaur.

It’s also packed with diverse wildlife and plant life. As you drive through the sanctuary, keep your eyes peeled for rare bird sightings or a herd of elephants grazing.

You never know what awesome animals you might spot!

Book South India Holiday Packages to Experience Munnar!

Munnar is waiting for you! Connect with India by Car and Driver experts to book the perfect Holiday Packages in India. Discover the best of Munnar and other amazing attractions with the Best Tour Operators in India!

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