Best Interesting Things to do in Cairo with Egypt Tour Packages

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Cairo is a vibrant metropolis with a rich history as one of the longest continuously inhabited cities in the world. From awe-inspiring monuments and markets to excellent food and cultural experiences, tourists will find endless interesting things to do in Cairo, Egypt’s bustling capital. With customized Egypt Tour Packages, you can plan an enthralling Cairo trip with your loved ones.

Top-notch things to do in Cairo with Egypt Tour Packages

To help you plan your Egypt Holidays in Cairo, we have hand-picked a list of interesting activities you can indulge in for once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can also contact Tour agents in Cairo to book Budget tour packages in Egypt in advance.

1). Discover the Treasures of the Egyptian Museum on Egypt Trip

With an extensive collection spanning 5,000 years of Egypt’s history, the Egyptian Museum should be on every visitor’s itinerary. Marvel at King Tutankhamun’s golden death mask and sarcophagi, mummies of great pharaohs like Ramses II, as well as rare artifacts from ancient Egypt. Don’t forget to stop at the museum’s Royal Mummy Room.

Top tip: Go early to avoid crowds and buy the audio guide to enrich your experience. Also, ensure booking your Egypt Tour Packages weeks before your travel for easy-peasy Cairo Egypt Holidays.

2). Take a Felucca Ride on the Nile – Highlight of Egypt Tours

No visit to Cairo is complete without a felucca ride on the legendary River Nile. Feluccas are rustic traditional sailboats that let you soak in views of Cairo’s skyline dotted with minarets and domes. Most rides also include stops on an island to see trees and plants mentioned in the Bible. It offers a serene respite from the city chaos.

Top tip: Take the ride at sunset for an unforgettable experience.
Travel tip: If you are looking for Family Tour Packages in Egypt, tour operators in Egypt can help you with various budget-friendly options.

3). Shop at the Sprawling Khan El-Khalili Bazaar

Enter the magical warren of skinny alleys crammed with tiny shops and stalls at Khan el-Khalili bazaar. Shop for handmade crafts, haggle for jewelry, brassware, Egyptian cotton, spices and perfumes as you immerse in the intoxicating sights, sounds and smells. Savor the traditional Egyptian tea as you take in a slice of Cairo’s enduring legacy.

4). Relax at Al-Azhar Park – A Must-visit place on your Egypt Trip

Al-Azhar Park is one of the enthralling travel destinations in Egypt. Covering over 70 football pitches of greenery amidst Cairo’s urban jungle, it is an excellent spot to relax, enjoy panoramic city views and learn about Egyptian landscape design. Stroll through well-manicured lawns dotted with gazebos, lakes, and ornamental architecture.

Top tip: Visit on Friday after sunset when the park turns magical with sound-and-light shows.

5). Visit the Hanging Church with Egypt Holidays Packages

Nicknamed Al Muallaqa (The Hanging Church), this basilica was built atop the south gate of an old Roman fortress in Coptic Cairo. Gaze at the wooden ceiling meant to resemble Noah’s Ark, the intricate carvings and rare icons inside this active place of worship for Coptic Christians since the 3rd century AD. To explore this architectural marvel with your family book family tour packages in Egypt.

6). Explore Coptic Cairo – One of the interesting places to visit in Cairo

Step into old Cairo’s Christian quarter—Coptic Cairo which traces its roots to Roman times when Christianity emerged under Saint Mark. Wander through churches built into fortress walls like the 4th century Church of Saint Sergius. The area’s hushed alleyways are crammed with monks’ cells-turned-souvenir-shops brimming with artistic icons, carvings, and paintings—ideal to take back a piece of heritage.

Top tip: Try local snacks such as mint tea and simple fuul (fava beans) or falafel at one of the traditional cafes.

7). Take in the View from Cairo Tower on your Cairo trip

Head up to the observation deck of the 187-metre-tall Cairo Tower for stunning 360-degree views across Cairo and Giza in the distance on a clear day. With unobstructed views of the Nile too, it offers unique elevated perspectives of landmarks near and far. It certainly is one of the top things to do in Cairo.

Top tip: Pick a time just before dusk to enjoy daytime scenery transform into glittering city lights.

8). Try Local Egyptian Cuisine with Egypt Holiday Packages

Beyond the iconic felafels, fuul and kebabs, Cairo offers scrumptious traditional bites reflecting Egypt’s cuisine influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern elements. Some top options include vine leaves with rice, spicy Alexandria-style shrimp, and rice topped with caramelized onions. Ensure saving space for umm ali, a quintessential Egyptian dessert!

9). Enjoy a Traditional Shisha

What better way to wrap up a day exploring Cairo than puffing fruit-flavored tobacco from ornate water pipes called shisha. It’s the perfect way to watch the world go by at traditional ahwas (coffeehouses) across the city. Pick from grape, mango, lemon or mixed fruit shisha as you sip Turkish coffee or mint/jasmine tea and enjoy some relaxed people-watching.


With its magnificent monuments, colorful bazaars, delectable cuisine and lively culture, Cairo offers an unforgettable blend of historical charm and modern energy for every kind of traveler. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Egyptian adventure by contacting the best travel agency in Egypt to book your Egypt Tour packages.

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