Car Rentals in India: Things to Check Before Finalizing

Whether you wish to Explore South India, East India, West India, or North India, one thing is expected, you need as much freedom as possible, which is possible via car rentals because there is no tour guide. You will have time flexibility, but with so many car rental services, you would want to select the best Car Rental Service, and India By Car and Driver will help you with it.

How to Select a Car or Coach Rental Service in India?

You have landed at an Indian airport and are excited to see the wonders it has. So, you go in search of car rental services. Here’s what you should check before hiring.

Research: Conduct thorough research before hiring a car rental in India, the more you know, the better, like we mentioned before there are numerous services available these days, so you need only the best one, which fulfills all your travel needs.

Reputation is Essential: Almost all car rental companies are reputable, due to top-quality services and experience, so that’s not a complex issue, but it can also be overwhelming, so for a better understanding of what’s what, we recommend you to read customer testimonials and reviews and then come to a conclusion.      

Check For Customer Care Services: After researching and checking reputation, now it’s time for a practical test. Take your time and visit the company, that way you will familiarize yourself with the customer care services, which only the best professionals will provide in good-quality. Trust us. You also need the best customer care services. That way, the company will ensure that your travel requirements are met.    

Consider Vehicle Selection: Now, the final task is to select a car. It is the part where you need to pay the most attention to detail. For example, if you are touring around with a big family, you need a coach instead of a car, and thus your company must provide the type of vehicle you require. If the required vehicle is not available, don’t compromise and start back at step 1 for selecting another company.

Tips For Selecting a Car or Coach

This bonus section will look at ten things to consider before selecting a car or coach.

  • Check the vehicle’s exterior. If you find any dents or scratches, ask the service to mark those and take photos, which are useful later. The same goes when checking the interiors.
  • Check the engine. If anything is not right with the sound, inform the company.
  • Check the headlights, especially if you plan to drive it at night.
  • Horn is also important. You don’t want to bump into another person. You must ensure that the horn is appropriately working so that you can honk it when required.
  • Check if all the car papers and documents are correct before hiring.
  • Check the music system. If it’s not working or broken, it’s a big issue, especially driving alone.
  • Check if the lock and key are working correctly. (very essential than anything else) 
  • Check the windows, whether manual or automatic. The windows must go smoothly up or down. Also, the windows must be transparent.
  • Check the ABC, i.e., accelerator, brake, and clutch, along with the steering, handbrake, indicators, and gears. These things must work properly. You don’t want to be responsible for accidents.

Please note: The same checks apply when renting a coach, even though assuming you are a regular passenger and you can’t drive a coach, ensuring that it’s perfect will do you no harm. Double-checking is always better than no-checking.  

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