Indian Festivals Guide

Our country, India, is a land of festivals. We celebrate our festivals with full zeal, devotion, enthusiasm, and engagement. Every festival we celebrate is dedicated to a particular deity who comes during the festival time and blesses us. Thus, our celebrations commemorate the win of light over darkness and the togetherness of the people. 

Your tour to our country will become the best when you take it during festival times, that’s why we at India By Car and Driver are here with the complete Indian festival guide.

The Major Festival Months

Our primary festival season starts this month in August and stretches till March. However, most of our festivals are celebrated from August to late October or early November.

You should note that our festival season is partly during the rainy season, so you should pack accordingly. However, even though the weather will be wet, it won’t affect our enthusiasm as seasons don’t hamper our celebrations.

Please note that our festive season is not a traditional tourist season, but during this time, we visit our families and take a long break from our tedious work during that time, so it is a famous time to travel. Moreover, our children are also happy due to the Diwali holidays. So we would recommend you to schedule your trip in advance with our Tours and Travels Agency India called India By Car and Driver.    

Our major festivals

These are the major festivals that we celebrate across the country. However, some festivals, such as Diwali and Holi, are celebrated differently as per the states.

Janmashtami: – We celebrate Janmashtami to remember the birth of Lord Krishna, who is our famous God for his loving and joyful nature. He taught us how to live with the Bhagvat Geeta that he spoke about during Mahabharata. So you will see the biggest celebrations in Mumbai where people gather to form a pyramid to break a pot full of butter and curd, just like Krishna did.  

Ganesh Chaturthi: – Our next festival celebrates the birth of Ganesh, the God who destroys all obstacles. The celebration goes on for ten days, during which people worship statues of God and then send him on his journey back home in a river, asking him to return next year. So if you have no problem with big crowds, you can experience this festival at its best in Maharashtra.  

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Navratri: – It is a nine-day festival where we celebrate the mother Goddess in all her forms. We celebrate this festival with a slight difference as per the states, but the enthusiasm remains the same. For example, Garba and Dandiya Raas take place in Gujarat, in south India. Our friends showcase dolls with feminine power and as Durga Pooja in Kolkata.    

Dussehra: – This festival symbolizes the death of Ravana, the demon king, who was killed by Rama, although Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva and once he was down one bilva Patra, he cut his head and kept it in place of the missing bilva Patra which impressed the lord, and he blessed him.

Ravana was a scholar in Sanskrit and Shiva Tandav Stotram, but his only mistake was kidnapping Sita, the lord’s wife, so Rama killed him. The celebrations are grand in Delhi, where Dramas happen, which show the life of Rama. The festival ends when the person dressed up as Rama burns a massive puppet of the demon king. So if you want to become a part of the celebration, you can extend your stay in our capital city during your Golden Triangle Tours.

Diwali: – Diwali is known as the festival of light and is our biggest festival. It celebrates the victory of light over darkness and the return of king Rama with his wife, Sita. It’s a family event, and you can also get involved by staying at someone’s home. 

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Christmas: – Even though we are not a major Christian country, we celebrate Christmas, which is the birth of Lord Jesus. You can even see traditional Christmas celebrations across our country.  

Holi: – Holi is one of our biggest festivals, which marks the end of winter and the commencement of spring. It symbolizes new beginnings, and like our other festivals, there are no religious rituals, but only fun. We throw colored powders and water at each other and dance to music.

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The Kumbha Mela: – People mention the Kumbha Mela as the most significant religious gathering worldwide. Many Sadhus and pilgrims gather at this fair to take baths in holy water. We give you facilities here if you are a tourist, but the crowd can be massive.

Other regional festivals

Here is a list of our other regional festivals that have the same value as the major festivals.

  • Onam.
  • Pongal.
  • Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan, for which you can take our 14 Nights – 15 Days Pushkar Camel Fair package.
  • The Tribal Hornbill festival.
  • Nag Panchami.
  • Teej.
  • Rath Yatra Chariot festival and many tribal festivals.

Safety tips for our festivals

During the time of our festivals, big crowds gather, so safety issues become a big concern. Please follow these tips to be safe.

  • Do not go out alone during Holi as you won’t recognize anyone’s face in color, and the wrong man or man may grope you if you are a female.
  • Wear dark clothes during Holi and put oil on your exposed skin so that colors don’t stick to your skin.
  • Firecrackers are common during Diwali, some of which are loud as bombs, so if you have sensitive ears, you should put earplugs on and stay away from crowds, also. Be cautious as a firecracker can come from anywhere. It is a crazy situation here during Diwali.
  • Protect your valuables at all times because snatchers also roam around during festivals. 

Our country, India, is a country of festivals. We celebrate our festivals with full zeal, devotion, enthusiasm, and engagement. Every festival we celebrate is dedicated to a particular deity who comes during the festival time and blesses us. Our festivals celebrate the win of light over darkness and the togetherness of the people.  

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