South India Tourism: Top Reasons to Visit

While the northern part of India is the architecturally beautiful part, the south Indian part is naturally and culturally beautiful; there are numerous reasons you should Explore South India. India By Car and Driver shares the best ones with you.   

Why You Should Visit South India

So you have decided to go on a vacation to South India. I am guessing that you must be very excited. So let me increase your excitement with the top 9 reasons to go on a South India Tours.

Magnificent Temples: South India is also called the crib of Indian culture or cultural wealth for a reason. From times as old as the Maharajas to modern development, this area of India has some of the most brilliant and architecturally breathtaking temples and wonders of India.  

Delicious South Indian Food: Just as beautiful the culture is in south India, so is the food, from rice to Sambhar, and even the Hyderabadi Biryanis, everything is vegetarian or non-vegetarian tastes like it was cooked in heaven.   

Buy Traditional Dresses: You must expect the availability of various conventional attires such as Salwar Suits, Saris, Dhoti, Lungi, and many more at the cultural hub of India’s market. Here you will find the most beautiful traditional Indian clothes made from various fabrics at affordable prices.        

Incomparable Hospitality: It is a fact that south Indian hospitality is warmer than our summers. The people here are calm, down to earth, and welcoming. Overall, South Indian hospitality is incomparable.    

Numerous Vacation Ideas: Let me ask you why you want to visit South India? Is it a family trip, adventure trip, honeymoon, or just a getaway? Whatever your reason, an adventure is waiting for you in India’s southern region.

Vibrant Culture and Festivals: I guarantee that when you indulge in South Indian culture and festivals, your mood will brighten, and you will feel delightful. Various cultural dance forms and festivals bring you closer to new feelings.   

Breathtaking Backwater Experience: So after eating delicious food, participating in the culture, and sightseeing, you feel tired, when not to worry, my friend, you can relax, rejuvenate, and refresh your senses while cruising on the backwaters as you watch the evening view.

Numerous Ayurveda Healing Places: After your day is over, you are about to sleep for starting the next day. You can stop over to one of the Ayurveda healing centers in South India to rejuvenate your soul before getting the much-needed sleep.

Various Hotel Options: Are you worrying about where to stay in south India? Well, this is also nothing to worry about. As it is the collection of India’s major states, you will easily find a hotel in Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, or Andhra Pradesh.

Sightseeing in South India

Are you planning on sightseeing in South India? Don’t worry; India By Car and Driver has got you covered with the top 7 south Indian cities.

Alleppey: An advice before you go to Alleppey, visit it during the monsoon, like the backwaters of Kerala, for which Alleppey is well-known, looks breathtaking at this time. 


Kovalam: If you want an escape from your daily life, you should vacate to Kovalam. The scenic beaches and warm people here will make you forget all your worries. 


Cochin: Cochin is the only city in south India to experience authentic South Indian culture. Known as the queen of the Arabian Sea, here you will truly understand South India


Hyderabad: If you are a food and history lover, you must go to Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, as it offers numerous historic sites and the world-famous Hyderabadi Biryani.  


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Mysore: Mysore is also called the city of palaces. It is the next must-visit city in Karnataka after Bangalore. Here you will indulge in south Indian culture and beautiful heritage sites.


Coorg: Is greenery, coffee, and vacation at a hill station your thing? If yes, Coorg, locally known as Kodagu in Karnataka is the south Indian place to go.  


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Chennai: Chennai is one of the four metropolises of India and the capital of Tamil Nadu, so it’s guaranteed that here you will see various beautiful places in the form of beaches, temples, and parks in the port city.  


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Now that you know the reasons to visit south India for your holidays, the only thing you must do is pack your luggage and depart. I recommend the Kerala Tour Package and Southern Explorer Tour Package for a memorable trip to South India.

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