Top 15 Places To Visit In Rajasthan

If you plan to take a vacation in Rajasthan this year, it is the best choice you have made. Whether it is 2022, 2072, or any decade, Rajasthan Tours will always be the top choice for Indian Tourism. So read along with India By Car and Driver as we explore the top 15 places to visit in Rajasthan.  

Jaipur: Your Rajasthan vacation is incomplete without visiting the pink city Jaipur, a significant part of the Golden Triangle Tour and a UNESCO world heritage site, here you will have a fun time, to begin with, at the forts, palaces, and whatnot there is to discover.   


Udaipur: Udaipur is also called the city of lakes and the most romantic city in India due to its plethora of lakes and palaces. So, you should visit the white city in the heart of Rajasthan for some fresh air and romance, if you are a couple. 


Jodhpur: You will never be blue in the Blue City of Rajasthan. That’s right. Jodhpur is well-known as the blue city of Rajasthan because of the blue-painted houses and buildings you will see there. Other than that, there are many forts and palaces you must see. India By Car and Driver recommends the Mehrangarh Fort.     


Jaisalmer: Do you wish to go into the world of Arabian nights? Well, we give you Jaisalmer, a famous city rising from the Thar Desert. A lot is here for you to explore, including Havelis, shops, palaces, temples, and beautiful residences. 


Pushkar: Pushkar is a symbolic Pilgrimage Site for the Hindus, a holy town, where every year many tourists visit, there is nothing much. However, the city comes alive during its camel fair from October to November; we won’t say anything about it other than 14 Nights – 15 Days Pushkar Camel Fair is a must-experience event for you.    


Bikaner: Bikaner is another old desert city in Rajasthan, but unfortunately it’s underrated because only a few tourists visit it, but let’s change this fact with our luxurious Bikaner Tour Packages, which give you the best experience of Bikaner’s walled old city, fort, Karni Mata Temple, Karni Mata Festival, and camel fair.     


Nagaur: The Nagaur City in Rajasthan is the best city for you if you genuinely wish to experience our Rajasthani culture and heritage. The city has been awarded the UNESCO Asia-pacific heritage award for preserving its culture. What else can we say? You must experience the magic of Nagaur yourself.  


Shekhawati Region: Rajasthan is not only famous for its culture but also its art, architecture, and history. The Shekhawati region is the ideal example, included in the Delhi-Jaipur-Bikaner circuit. Here you will enjoy the Havelis, where the walls are decorated with elaborate painted designs. The best part is, it now has free tourists.  

Shekhawati Region

Pali Region: If you are a fan of rural tourism, this area is for you. The Pali district is an excellent place between Udaipur and Jodhpur to discover Rajasthan beyond its cities. There are numerous incredible places like Bera (for wild leopards), Jojawar, Lakshman Sagar heritage hotel, Culture Aangan (for homestays), and villages. You can even attend the morning shepherds’ opium meet there.   

Pali Region

Bundi: Although popular among travelers, Bundi in India frequently gets ignored due to being between Udaipur and Jaipur. However, it’s a fascinating place to visit with your family due to its beautiful lakes, temples, markets, miniature paintings, and blue houses. The Bundi Fort and palace and the old city are also must-see destinations.   


Chambal: A blend of natural beauty, wildlife, and architecture, here you will have the best time in your life. After visiting the palaces, museums, and temples, we recommend you to discover the National Chambal Sanctuary to see rare wildlife like Gharial and gigantic river dolphins.    


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Ranthambore National Park: The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is the best place to explore in Ranthambore with the Ranthambore Fort, a part of the wildlife sanctuary. Apart from the wildlife, it’s also very historical, having seen many battles and the rise and fall of numerous rulers.  

Ranthambore National Park

Bharatpur: If you love birds, but have seen only one or two of a kind, then you are in luck as there are approx over 370 bird species there, which is a lot for you to fall in love with instantly.   


Abhaneri: Abhaneri is famous for being the deepest well in India. The Chand Baori built from the 8th to 9th century by King Chanda of the Nikumbh dynasty will excite you. However, locals believe that the approximately 100 feet, 13 leveled, and 3500 steps down well were made nightly by ghosts. Also, you must experience the two-day Abhaneri festival in September.


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Alwar: You need to visit Alwar if forts and palaces excite you as there are more forts and palaces here than in any other city in Rajasthan. However, the best part is that you can explore it on a single day’s tour from Delhi. 


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