Mahindra Scorpio on rent from India By Car And Driver

  • 5+1


  • 5


  • Air Conditioner
  • Heater
  • Air Bags
  • Power Windows

Mahindra Scorpio is that SUV which is the most demanded and the most suitable option for travelling, especially on bumpy terrains of India. This huge SUV is just a perfect car for joy rides. With collapsible steering and a strong body, Scorpio has a very powerful engine of more than 2000 CC and a ground clearance of about 180 mm. This protects the car from the hops and bumps which are very common on Indian terrains. In addition to this it also has rear drum brakes, regenerative brakes and also front disc. Such a combination of excellent features in one car makes it a perfect solution for comfortable and unforgettable trip to India. Mahindra Scorpio can house up at least 5 people, excluding the driver along with lots of luggage.

This is the most preferred car for travelling in the interiors of India. The interior of this car is just too classy and energetic too. It has got all sporty look which makes it a perfect option for a rough and tough journey. The inner room is very cozy and this is why you can get a comfortable experience while travelling in it. Along with a comfortable joyride in Mahindra Scorpio you will also be provided with mineral water, torches and batteries with the car to make your journey complete. There will also be a first aid kid and basic tools and spare parts to avoid any kind of inconvenience during your journey. There will also be a fire extinguisher for adverse situations.

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