Mini Coaches hire online from India By Car And Driver

  • 20


  • 20


  • Air Conditioner
  • Heater
  • Air Bags
  • Power Windows

The mini coaches are basically luxury vans for people who generally travel with a group of people. These are best suited vehicles for those who are travelling with a set of 20 people. By hiring this vehicle you will get to stay along with the entire group during your journey. You will get both AC and non AC mini coaches to hire. The seating arrangement of the vehicle is the most comfortable of all because of the push back feature. This will give you a comfortable seating for longer journeys and overnight journeys. You will also get a good music system that can entertain you with the best music during your journey. So in case you feel bored during your journey, this music system can help you.

When you have so many people travelling in one vehicle the amount of luggage taken along has to be very huge. But there is no need to worry about this fact as the mini coaches also provide you with an ample amount of luggage housing zone. It is not just the external features of the mini coaches which make it a perfect selection for group travelling, but the internal features also which takes it at par. These coaches have almost 4 diesel cylinder which will not give you any problem in the middle of your journey. The engine capacity is almost 2500 CC with a power of 80 @ 3900rpm. You will also have seat belts on each seat for better safety during the journey.

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