Volvo bus rental service from India By Car And Driver

  • 40


  • 40


  • Air Conditioner
  • Heater
  • Air Bags
  • Power Windows

One of the most secured vehicles to travel long distance is Volvo bus. This is a giant bus with great measures for the security of the traveler. This bus can house up to 40 passengers and therefore is the best option for a huge group of people. Along with hiring a Volvo bus you will have a driver and a helper. There is also a huge place for the luggage and it can accommodate lots of heavy and huge bags in it. It is very spacious from within and has a great leg space. It also considered as the most comfortable option for long distance travelling because of its seats.

The engine has a great power and has about 6 cylinders installed that boost the performance of the bus. This bus can carry 7 liters of diesel at a time. Plus the disc brakes of EBS 5 make the performance better. This is a very comfortable option for older people also. They do not have to bear the jerks as it offers a very smooth ride. The interior of this bus is very lively and cozy. You will find well covered seats, which are well maintained. Clean ground and also sloping windows through which you can enjoy the outside view. The large view glass panel offers you a great view of the outside world from the Volvo Bus. There is also an emergency exit, which is opened only in situations where it is not possible to move out of the Volvo.

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