Top 5 Temples in India to Explore with India Tour Packages

India is a land of diverse cultures and rich traditions, thanks to the divine Hindu Religion and some of the most spectacular Temples in India! Did you know? The earliest temples in India date back to the 5th century. These include the Sanchi Temple 17 in Madhya Pradesh & The Dashavatara Temple in Deogarh, Uttar Pradesh. India is a land steeped in spiritual heritage which invites you to discover its incredible temples. Get ready to […]

5 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan in May on Your Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan, also lauded as the Land of Kings, is a state located in northwestern India. Known for its rich culture and heritage, the state is home to a wide array of magnificent forts, royal palaces, and beguiling artworks. Rajasthan is also known for its hospitality and incredible culinary segment. It welcomes visitors with its popular traditional greeting “Padharo Mhare Desh” which means “Welcome to my land.” Rajasthan’s unique experiences make it one of the top […]

Triyuginarayan Temple: Where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati United in Holy Matrimony

The Triyuginarayan Temple is not merely a historical site; it is a sacred abode where emotions blend with spirituality, and the divine unites with the mortal. It stands tall as a symbol of eternal love and devotion—a place where the hearts of devotees find solace and their souls find liberation.

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