Almora & Kausani

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How To Reach

Located at a distance of 125 km away from the Almora & Kausani, the Pantnagar airport is well connected to various other cities by air. On arrival, you can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach this place.
Almora & Kausani are well connected by roads and has bus services from Delhi, Mumbai and many others to reach it. On arrival, you can hire a taxi to see the major tourist attractions.
The nearest railway station is Kathgodham which connects these places with the cities like Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai and others. On arrival, you can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach Almora & Kausani.

Almora & Kausani - At a glance

State : Uttarakhand
Best Time to Travel : March to May
Language : Hindi and English
Religion : Hindu, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism
Temperature : Summer (12°C Min to 25°C Max) & Winter (2°C Min and 10°C Max)
Climate : Pleasant
Cuisine : Indian and Different country foods


About Almora & Kausani

Almora, yet another destination of Uttaranchal, is renowned for its everlasting natural picturesque and the tranquil charm. Above this there is one more reason that adds on to its popularity and it is the convenience with which people can enjoy the sight of the central Himalayan ranges. The view of snow capped Himalayan peaks, make Almora a hot spot destination of India. The prime attractions here are the main reasons for luring countless people from all parts of the world. Its scenic beauty makes people eager and keen to make their trip here.

Kausani is located at about 50 kms to the north of Almora and is equally contributes to the attractiveness of Uttaranchal. It is also popularly known as Mini Switzerland in many places. It is chosen often by couple for their honeymoon. So you will locate lots of couples in love living the best moments of their lives all the year. The fresh breeze of Kausani will take you much away from the regular hustle bustle of the life.

Places to visit in Almora & Kausani

The best time to visit Almora is October to March whereas Kausani can be visited all the time of the year though you can get to see the best greenery here from July to Mid September.  You can get to see lot of destinations on your trip to Alomra and Kausani.

You can visit Baijnath, a very ancient temple of Lord Shiva. The best part of this temple is its locations. It is located at the seam of River Gomati and River Saryu. Katyuri Kings were the one who constructed Baijnath Temple.

Binsar is yet another destination to visit in Almora and Kausani. Binsar is surrounded by Alpine forests all over. To enjoy the perfect retreat in mountains the rhododendron trees play a very important role. They can create a perfect ambience for you to enjoy your time in the woods.

Then you can also visit Ranikhet. It is again a very popular hill station. The best time to make a visit here will be round the clock.

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