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How To Reach

The nearest airport to Bijapur in Belgaum, which is 205 km away from this city. On arrival, you can board a bus or hire a taxi to roam around the city.
Bijapur is well connected to all the major cities through roads. You can take a bus or hire car from Chennai, Bangalore and other cities to reach here.
Bijapur has railway station, and that has direct connectivity from Solapur and Bangalore. On arrival, you can You can take a bus or hire car roam around this city.

Bijapur - At a glance

State : Karnataka
Best Time to Travel : October to March
Language : Kannada and English
Religion : Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikhism
Temperature : Summer : (30o C to 42o C) & Winter (20o C to 30o C)
Climate : Dry and hot
Cuisine : Indian cuisine and different country foods


About Bijapur

Bijapur’s architecture is known for its amazing historical monuments which were built during the reign of Adilshah. It is strategically located approximately more than 500 kilometers from Bangalore and Mumbai each and nearer from Hyderabad.

This city came into existence in 10th – 11th centuries. It was known by the name of Vijayapura which meant the city of victory. Since it came under the Mughal influence and later conquered by them, it became popular by the name of Bijapur.

Places to visit in Bijapur

When one is touring the city, it has to be toured in three parts. First is the citadel, the next is the fort, and the remaining part of the city. This beautiful city has historic marvels which will please your eyes. Many of the city’s significant monuments belong to the Mughal period.

Gol Gumbaz is the city’s best tourist location. In the entire world it is one amongst the largest domes. It is the mausoleum of Sultan of Bijapur – Mohammed Adilshah. Its architect was completed in 1656. The entire built is praise for its magnificence. The structure has a cube which has a dome. Each of its four corners has tower which is seven stories high.

Inside this beautiful mausoleum hall of Gol Gumbaz has square podium. It has steps on each of its side. In its middle lies the grave. This mausoleum is known in the world for its biggest single chamber space. When you run inside the dome you would come across a “Whispering Gallery”. Here even the softest voice or sound is audible.

There are other world famous tourist locations like the Jumma Masjid which is the largest mosque in Bijapur. Ibrahim Rauza – India’s grand architectural marvel. Malik-e-Maidan is named to be the largest cannon. It has existed since the medieval world.

If you want to be swayed away with the magnificence of other structures then you can even pay a visit to Gagan Mahal, Barakaman, Upri Buruj, Chand Bawdi, and Asar Mahal. There are gardens which sprawl across acres of lands which will fill your heart with love. You would actually feel the oneness with the nature.

Bijapur upholds its royal character. It is possible because of the existence of monuments which are decked up by the rich tradition and culture followed by its native. Once you travel to the royal lands of Bijapur you would surely carry back the memories of local flavors, charming locations and rich locale.

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