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How To Reach

The nearest airport to holy city Kanchipuram is Chennai International airport and that around 64km away. The taxi service is available from airport to reach Kanchipuram.
Regular bus services are available from central cities of the state like Chennai, Tirupati, Pondicherry and Tiruchchirappalli to reach Kanchipuram.
The city has its own train station and is well-linked with all major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Further, Chennai, Pondicherry, and Madurai are the rail lines connected with it.

Kanchipuram - At a glance

State : Tamil Nadu
Best Time to Travel : October to March
Language : Tamil and English
Religion : Hindu, Muslim and Christian
Temperature : Summer : (21o C to 37o C) & Winter (19o C to 29o C)
Climate : Hot and humid
Cuisine : Indian cuisine and different country foods


About Kanchipuram

The city of Kanchipuram is called as the religious capital of the southern India. This is because of the many temples of importance present here. Some of the famous temples include the Kamakshi temple, Varadaraja temple, Ekambareshwar temple, Ulahalnda Perumal temple, Kailashanathar temple,Kumara Kottam etc. Besides many a religious festivals are celebrated throughout the year which include Bhramotsavam, Garuda Sevai, Float festival, Kamakshi Ammam festival and Panguni Uthiram along with the Navratri festival.

Places to visit in Kanchipuram

Every temple situated here is a work of art and are present since long period.The city of Kanchipuram is in fact said to be the land of a thousand temples. These temples are dedicated to various deities and have their own following all over the country. Where everywhere else in India we see people divided into either Vishnava sect or the Shiva sect, Kanchipuram has managed to blend in both in equal proportions such that the Kamakshi temple stands in between the two as the worship place of the goddess Shakti.

The Kamakshi temple holds the highest place in Kanchipuram where the goddess Shakti is worshipped. The temple is basically control;ed by the Shankara mutt unlike other temples which are governed by either a trust, government or other organizations. The Kailashanathar temple is dedicated to the lord Shiva and is one of the oldest temples to stand the test of times. It reflects the Pallava architecture in the southern India. It is specifically considered as an architectural wonder than as a holy place by most people.

The Ekambareshwar temple is again dedicated to lord Shiva. It is again an old temple and also one of the largest at that. The many specialties it includes are its Gopurams, Mandapams and Tanks. The Kumara Kottam temple is located between the Kamakshi and the Ekambareshwar temples. It holds the Muruga in a seated position in its sanctum. The Valli, Devayani are not present here literally, however festival idols are placed.

The Varadraja temple is one of the most important temples of the lord Vishnu. The deity is found to be in a standing posture and faces the west. It is also known by different names which include Devraja, Deva Perumal, Perarulalan, Pranatharthihara, Athiyooran. Another temple of note in Kanchipuram is Ulahalanda Perumal temple. It is said to one of the oldest temples present here and the deity is said to be the incarnation of lord Vishnu to help gods from the Demon king Mahabali.

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