Kanha National Park

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How To Reach

The Nearest Airport for Kanha National Park is Jabalpur, which is 160 Kms away from this wildlife sanctuary. You can hire a car to reach this national park.
Kanha National Park is well connected through roads with the major cities like Jabalpur, Gondia and many others. You can hire a car to reach this national park.
The Nearest Railway Stations for accessing Kanha National Park is Jabalpur and Gondia. Gondia and Jabalpur railway station is 145kms and 160km away from Kanha.You can hire a car to reach this national park.

Kanha National Park - At a glance

Founded in : 1955
State : Madhya Pradesh
Best Time to Travel : October to June
Language : Hindi and English
Religion : Hindu, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism
Temperature : Summer (25°C Min to 43°C Max) & Winter (2°C Min and 22°C Max)
Climate : Quite Hot
Cuisine : Indian and Different country foods


About Kanha National Park

Kanha national park is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. This scenic park was motivated behind the treasured Jungle Book written by Rudyard Kipling. The beauty of the park has not condensed over time, it is still the same- very pleasing and beautiful. The Kanha national park has always preserved each animal species. Today, this national park is one of the few most picturesque and attractive wildlife sanctuaries in Asia.

Places to visit in Kanha National Park

The chief wildlife attractions in the national park are tiger, gaur, bison, sambhar and chital. You can also find barasingha, fox, leopard, porcupine, black deer black buck, hyena, jungle cat, python, monkey, mongoose and many other animals.

The bird genus in the park includes cuckoos, peacocks, pea fowl, jungle fowl, spur fowl, storks, teals, finches, orioles, owls, green pigeons, rock pigeons, kingfisher, bee eater, warblers, fly catchers and many more to pen down.

If you were to represent the kanha with one animal species then it surely is barasingha or the swamp deer. Around twenty years ago, the Barasinghas were at the verge of extinction but with the help of some desperate measures helped save them.

The open meadows during the frost season are frequently swarming with barasinghas along with a lot of tiger activity around the periphery. A female tiger with two small cubs would also circle around almost twice or thrice during the day. There is a museum at the kanha national park which depicts the activities of the park.

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