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How To Reach

The nearest airport to Mahabalipuram is Chennai which is 45 km away from this city. You can hire car or board bus from the airport to roam around the city.
Mahabalipuram is connected by a number of interconnecting roadways to Chennai, Chengalpattu, Pondicherry and Kanchipuram. You can easily board a bus or hire taxi to reach Mahabalipuram.
The nearest railway station is Chennai Railway Station which is at a distance of 45 kms. Chengalpattu is another station which is at a distance of 29kms and is well connected with other cities in Tamil Nadu. However Chennai remains the major railway station to reach Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram - At a glance

State : Tamil Nadu
Best Time to Travel : October to March
Language : Tamil and English
Religion : Hindu, Muslim and Christian
Temperature : Summer : (21o C to 42o C) & Winter (16o C to 30o C)
Climate : Tropical
Cuisine : Indian cuisine and different country foods


About Mamallapuram

Mamallapuram dates its history back to an ancient Pallava dynasty, which operated in 7th and the 9th century. You would be mesmerized by the structural beauty of granite carvings. They form the rich history in Dravidian architecture as they are the oldest existing examples available to the world.

Places to visit in Mamallapuram

For the today’s generation Mamallapuram is a tourist town located around Chennai. Mamallapuram has kept up its efforts to maintain and keep the monuments preserved. The Shore Temple has been included in the heritage project of UNESCO. The surroundings are much cleaner and nicer than earlier. But, because of water and wind erosion on the carvings of the temple, it has undergone a loss of detail.

Shore Temple is the main tourist attracting spot. One of the oldest structures, this temple has been standing for about 1400 years and more. Unlike Mamallapuram’s other temples and monuments, this Temple adds a sense of antiquity. You will find a Shiva lingam enshrined in center of the building.

Other spot of tourist attractions are Five Rathas. This sculpture is complemented by enormous stone animals. Next in line would be Thirukadalmallai. This temple is dedicated to Vishnu Lord, built by King from Pallava dynasty. They were meant to protect the sculptures.

Sculpture Museum is also a well worth. You would find exotic structures carved straight out of rock in the middle of a hill. There are scenes like Krishna’s butterball, walking through the forest, Arjuna’s penance, Mahishamardini Cave.

The new and the old light houses give a scenic view to the sea. When you are in Mamallapuram, you should enjoy the chills of a sandy beach, sea surfing, boat riding in Bay of Bengal, fishing, and even turtle walk by the sea shore. You can even trek on the nearby hill.

Once you are on Mamallapuram be prepared to be enchanted by architectural wonders and soul touching solitude.

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