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How To Reach

Located at a distance of 65 km away from the Nainital & Ranikhet, the Pantnagar airport is well connected to various other cities by air. On arrival, you can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach these places.
Nainital & Ranikhet are well connected by roads and has bus services from Delhi, Mumbai and many others to reach it. On arrival, you can hire a taxi to see the major tourist attractions.
The nearest railway station is Kathgodham which connects these places with the cities like Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai and others. On arrival, you can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach Nainital & Ranikhet.

Nainital & Ranikhet - At a glance

State : Uttarakhand
Best Time to Travel : March to November
Language : Hindi, English
Religion : Hindu, Islamic, Sikhism, Jainism
Temperature : Summer (14°C Min to 30°C Max) & Winter (0°C Min and 10°C Max)
Climate : Temperate
Cuisine : Indian food and Different country foods


About Nainital and Ranikhet

A Lake District of India which is situated on the Himalayan belt in the Kumaon hills is Nanital. It is actually a paradise for the people who love natural beauty. Nainital is a very beautiful holidaying spot which is very rich in lakes as well as hills. It is a great destination where young as well as elders can spend a very good time.

Ranikhet is a hill station that falls in the state of Uttaranchal and situated at the height of 1829meters. The story behind this place is that queen Padmini of Kumaon was in love with this magnificent hill paradise and for obligating the aspirations of the queen a palace was made by the King sudhardev and this was named at Ranikhet.

Places to visit in Nainital and Ranikhet

Jim Corbett National Park:It is one of the oldest national parks of India and it s a very idea place for the lovers of flora and fauna. Visiting this can be a lifetime experience as you can have a close look at the wildlife.

Naina Devi Temple:This is the temple that is located on the northern side of the lake in Nainital. There are lot of devotees that come for prayer as well as other rituals.

Naina Peak:This peak is the highest peak which offers spectacular views of ice caped valley as well as peak.

Nani Lake:Naini Lake is the major tourist attraction of Nainital which has blue water. It got its name from the eye like shape that it possesses. You can spend a pleasant time by having a walk around the lake or roaming around in the boat.

Bhim Tal:This is also one of the lake of Nainital which cannot be missed due to it possessing an the island in the middle.

The Mall: This is also one of the significant tourist attractions in Nainital. There are many shops as well as eating joints at this place wherein you will love spending time.

Bhalu Dam:This is one of the well known tourist spot which si around three kilometers from Ranikhe. There is a lake and known as the picnic spot.

Binsar Mahadev Temple:This is the temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva which is at a distance of fifteen kilometers. The temple is surrounded through cedar forest. Katarmal Sun temple:This is the temple that is situated around twenty five kilometers from Ranikhet. This temple was built in 12th century. This is the India’s Sun Temple.

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