Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

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How To Reach

The nearest airport to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is Madurai which is 140 Kms away from this place. You can board a bus or hire a taxi from here to reach Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.
Kerala State Road Transport Corporation buses are available at regular intervals from Trivandrum, Cochin and Kottayam to Thekkady (Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary).
Periyar does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station is situated in Kottayam at a distance of 110 Km. You can hire a taxi or board a bus from Kottauam to reach Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary - At a glance

State : Kerala
Best Time to Travel : Periyar - October to June
Language : Malayalam and English
Religion : Hindu, Muslim and Christian
Temperature : Summer : (21o C to 24o C) & Winter (19o C to 21o C)
Climate : Moderate and Pleasant
Cuisine : ndian cuisine and different country foods


About Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Periyar wildlife Sanctuary is located at the centre of the Cardamom hills. It lies as an isolated area, which helps to protect the wildlife found in these regions. It is famous for its tiger reserves and other animals that inhabit the sanctuary. The wildlife is spread across the whole of the district and has many a plantations and small hilltops that give picturesque views to one and all.

Places to visit at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The main places to visit at the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary include the sanctuary, Kumily, Murikkady, Vandanmedu. The sanctuary is one of the famous places in all of India for the many variety of wildlife species found in it. It is located in the lap of nature with many plantations surrounding it, the evergreen forests, an artificial lake situated inside etc. The centrally located artificial lake provides an opportunity for visitors to view animals from close quarters from the safety of a boat.

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary holds a wide range of animals within its boundaries. They are in fact famous for the wild elephants, tigers and other animals. Some other animals include the gaur, deer’s, jungle cat, bears etc. There are also a wide variety of birds that reside or migrate through the sanctuary. Thus you can view them from a tranquil location and study their characteristics.

The main places to visit in the Thekkady or the sanctuary include the watch tower, Magala Devi temple, Kumily, Murikkady, Pandikuzhi, Pullumedu. The Thekkady has a special watch tower to view the animals from a height going about their daily lives. This is maintained by the forest officials and is an excellent place for sightseeing and to look out for the animals. The Magala Devi temple is an ancient temple situated near to the sanctuary. It is hidden from view due to the fact that it is located high up in the mountain top and among the dense forest region.

The small town of Kumily is situated just outside the Periyar sanctuary and is a major shopping centre. It is the one place where you will find all the required accommodations and other necessary thing for your stay.The Murikkady is famous for its coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations. At Pandikuzhi, you can spend some quality time on a family or other trip. It is in fact every trekker’s paradise and provides many an opportunities for photographers to practice their photo shooting ambitions. At Pellumedu, you can access the lush green lawns that seem to stretch along the mountains and below them. The stunning views offer a chance at photography.

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