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Taj Mahal is the most beautiful and wondrous monument in India. So many tourists, especially couples, come to Agra to revel in its beauty. But the Taj Mahal has mysteries beyond its appearance. This blog by India by Car and Driver shares ten facts you probably never knew about the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal

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An optical illusion: The craftsman and architects of the old ages were masters of optical illusions, and India has many such examples, the Taj Mahal included. There are two facts here.

  • The Taj Mahal will seem smaller when you get closer and bigger when you move away from it.
  • The minarets look perfectly upright, but each one leans slightly outwards.

If you think that’s unbelievable, then read the following facts.

The dome: The beautiful dome of the Taj Mahal is its crown that makes it timeless and graceful. However, what makes it truly remarkable is its layered architecture. The stone dome is made with rings and is self-supporting. It’s genuinely fantastic.

Symbolization of paradise: This one is the most interesting fact related to the Taj Mahal. It represents eternal love and a symbol of heaven since it is connected with the last judgment in Islam. Thus the architecture was planned compared to the plain of assembly, the final judgment in Islam.

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The cenotaphs: At the center of the Taj Mahal are cenotaphs honoring Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, enclosed in an 8-sided chamber decorated with an inlay with semi-precious stones. The gravestones are surrounded by beautiful lattice screens and calligraphy of verses from the holy Koran. However, both the cenotaphs are empty because Islam prohibits the decoration of graves. Thus the king and queen are buried a level below.

Almost perfect: The Taj Mahal is a symmetrical building. Built-in line with Islamic and Persian architectures, its minarets, towers, walls, rooms, and gardens are perfectly balanced. But, there is an exception; there is something imperfect within the perfection, which is the cenotaph of Emperor Shah Jahan, positioned west of the central axis. Due to this fact, many believe that he was not meant to be buried there.

The Taj Mahal gets facial treatments: Because of the air pollution in north India, it is turning brownish yellow, which it doesn’t like. So that’s why it gets Indian treatment regularly. During its spa day, the Taj Mahal gets a layer of Multani Mitti (mud face pack), the same that women use to get glowing faces. Then, after some time, it gets washed with water, and the monument gets its glow back. Experts believe that it will eventually restore the Taj to its original white sheen.

The Taj Mahal changes color with time: Another fact that dazzles us is that the Taj Mahal changes hues throughout the day due to the sunlight. Let’s see what colors it gets.

  • At sunrise, it appears pearly grey and pale pink.
  • The noon is for dazzling white looks.
  • It becomes orange-bronze as the sun sets.
  • It’s finally deep-blue at night.

Some also believe that these colors reflected Shah Jahan’s feelings when he was with Mumtaz Mahal and after her death.

The location of the Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal is built on the banks of the river Yamuna. As we all know, construction on river shores is a big challenge. So the engineers came up with a fantastic idea at that time, which was a well foundation that is deep wells filled with mortar & rocks and stone columns linked with arches supporting the base. It is so strong that it keeps the Taj from Yamuna’s currents.

The link between India and Europe: Did you know that the monument demonstrates the connection between India and Europe. The interior design is made from Pietra Dura, which means hard stone in Italian, and it came from Europe. Some even say that it inspired the emperor so much that the Taj Mahal looks like a giant treasure chest.  

Taj Mahal

The calligraphy: One of the most amazing facts about the Taj Mahal is the calligraphy that you can see. It looks like handwriting, but actually, all these writings from the holy Koran are cut out from stones; calligraphy at that time was significant as Mughals thought of it as transcribing God’s word. That’s why Amanat Khan, the man behind it, decided to sign it with “written by the insignificant being, Amanat Khan Shirazi.”

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