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India is a warm and welcoming nation, where 1000s of tourists from around the world visit here to experience a diverse culture, hospitality, and enjoyment. I know it is true because I have visited it several times. However, as fun the travel experience is, the more complicated it gets when you begin your journey. I am not scaring you at all, but if you wish to make the most out of your India Tour, these tips will help, especially if it’s your first journey to India. These are the best India Travel Tips from one traveler to another.

Accommodation: Choosing where to stay in India won’t be a problem as many luxuries, boutique, and heritage hotels are available. You need to have a budget, and you are good to go as your travel agent can book a hotel accordingly.

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Currency: In India, the currency is of the utmost importance. Most international and bank cards are accepted, but still, it’s a cash-driven economy; I made that mistake at a restaurant where it was only cash. Luckily my friend had some money on him. You should also know that the currency (INR) is protected, meaning that you can only exchange it once you are in India.

Domestic flights: Usually, it is great to know the free luggage allowed, which is 15kg/person for hold luggage and 7kg/person for hand luggage. You can also purchase an extra allowance at check-in. I would advise you to know the rate, though, as inflation is a big thing in India. 

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Drivers and road travel: The somewhat only weird thing about India is its uneven roads, but that’s where the fun of traveling begins because first, you won’t be driving yourself, and your driver, I suppose, will be familiar with the roads, so stick your head out and feel the wind.  

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Food and drink: India is known for its multi-flavored cuisine with lip-smacking diners, including myself. However, the food can give you uneasiness, mainly if you are not used to spicy food, so keep an SOS tablet always with you in case the need arises, especially if you love street food. 

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Internet/Mobile Telephones: To give it to you straight, all phones except the North American dual-band ones work fine here. As for the internet, most hotels and places provide free Wi-Fi, but I don’t guarantee consistent speeds all the time, so have some patience. Yeah, that’s all.  

Language: As diverse as its culture is, so are the languages. There are 22 official languages but 121 unofficial languages too. Plus, it’s home to 270 languages, but you won’t have to learn all of these to travel in the country, although learning local languages won’t do any harm. Overall, you can know Hindi to understand the people better, but English is just fine. 

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Laundry: The best thing is to do your laundry and pack light if you don’t want a load. Hotels arrange for laundry services, but it can be expensive. Again, as mentioned above, have a travel budget for the best experience.  

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Medical precautions: I recommend visiting your doctor 6-8 weeks before travel for vaccination and medical advice. The only important one is the yellow fever vaccine. The proof is needed only if you have been to an infectious place five days before arrival. Other ones that you may need are Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, Cholera, Diphtheria, Japanese Encephalitis, and Rabies. However, it’s only prudent, don’t take too much stress about it.  

Photography: India has an architecture that will have you gasp in amazement. You need to click pictures and videos. So don’t forget your camera. Some places may charge you for using it, so be vary. However, photography within airports, military sites, bridges, and sensitive border areas is banned. 

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Plugs and voltage: Carry an adaptor with you always because at some places, there might be a two-pin plug, and at others, a one or 2-pin socket. So it’s better to carry extra weight than let your battery die and not be charged until you return home with no memories.

Religion: India is a religiously diverse country. You will see about 80% Hindus, 14% Muslims, 2% Christians, Sikhs, and 1% Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Jews, Jains, and others. So why am I telling you this? So that you can brush up on a bit of knowledge beforehand and respect all Indian religions. 

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Time: The time zone in India is GMT+5.5 hours, so convert your time and adjust accordingly. You might have problems sleeping at first, but you will eventually get used to it. 

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Tipping: Tipping is totally up to you, and it contributes significantly to Indian helpers, drivers, waiters, etc. However, some people might get offended by it. So be careful and observe the locals first before you try it out.

Walking: Trust me, there is a lot of walking involved at Indian tourist attractions, especially the historical ones and natural places where the path is anything but even. So, my advice, don’t wear slippers or sandals, but casual shoes, unless you want your feet to hurt. 

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What to wear: Let’s see, anything that comforts you, loose clothing will work most of the time, but a weather check won’t do any harm. However, cover yourself as much as possible at religious places. To solve this problem, get a pair of traditional dresses, and you are good to go.

I am Aarav Sharma from India, an avid traveler for around ten years. I love visiting new destinations and exploring the enjoyment this world offers. I have been touring locally and internationally for many years, so I will call myself a very experienced traveler and blogger.

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Now that all the important part is done, it’s time to pack your bags and choose your India Tour Package. I suggest India by Car and Driver and Trip 2 India Tours. As far as my opinion goes, these are the most tourist-friendly Tour Agents in India I have ever come across. I had a great India tour experience. I hope your trip is also fantastic.     

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