Best Shopping Places in Jaipur

Whenever you visit Jaipur, the experience is so vivid that you got to have something to remember it by. If you know what I am talking about. However, for the best souvenirs and traditional collections, you must only stop at the Best Shopping Places in Jaipur.

Bapu Bazaar Jaipur: The first market I went to in the Pink City of Rajasthan was the Bapu Bazaar. As soon as it began, I was amazed by the beautiful shops and souvenirs at every corner. I recommend this market, especially if you love Jewelry. However, for traditional handicrafts, handlooms, and artifacts symbolizing Rajasthan’s ethnicity ranging from gems and Jewelry to textiles, it is also your go-to-market.

Bapu Bazaar Jaipur

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  • I brought home Sanganeri Print, Bagru Print, traditional block-print, and Bandhani Work products from here. These are available in vibrant colors on authentic and traditional Kurtis, bedsheets, Jaipuri quilts, textiles, skirts, and t-shirts.
  • Don’t forget to buy these items – gemstone, bangles, Jewelry, Kundan Meena, chunky neck bits, earrings, bracelets, and anklets.  
  • If you are a fan of footwear like me, you are covered. There are many shops in Bapu Bazaar Jaipur which sell traditional Rajasthani leather boots known as Mojari and other clothes to protect your feet.
  • For home décor, numerous handicraft pieces such as puppets, Bandhanwars, wall hangings, and white metal artifacts give your home a unique and enhanced look.

“There is also an online portal for Bapu Bazaar Jaipur Online Shopping.”

Johari Bazaar Jaipur: My next stop was the shops at Johari Bazaar Jaipur – one of the most famous shopping sites. For insight, the term Johari means Jewelry, so you guessed it. This one is known for the best Jewelry you will ever buy in Jaipur. You will see Jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones, and I guarantee that these are simply irresistible.   

Johari Bazaar Jaipur

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  • I saw beautiful Kundan and Thewa Jewelry made of GOLD, DIAMONDS, RUBIES, EMERALDS, and SILVER, each more beautiful than the other, representing the Rajasthani community.
  • I also enjoyed how the craftsman made these pieces of Jewelry at the workstations lined up throughout the market.
  • The Jaipur Market Clothes lane of the bazaar is dotted with numerous shops where vendors call out to tourists to sell beautiful accessories. I know it’s attractive. I bought one for myself.
  • When I explored even more of Johari Bazaar, I also found beautiful Lehengas, leather sandals, Saris, and Mojaris in vibrant Bandhej with shinning stonework and gemstone, which are very attractive indeed.
  • I also came across bright tie-dye fabrics and Rajasthani material, Bandhani suits, textiles, clothing material, etc.
  • I recommend “Jaipur Sari Kendra, Rooplaxmi, Rana Sari Emporium, and Rattan Deep” for the best fabric shopping experience. 

“Johari Bazaar is one of the cheapest cloth markets in Jaipur.”

Hawa Mahal Market Jaipur: Right across the street from the Hawa Mahal is the Hawa Mahal Market in Jaipur. An enticing fact about this market is that you will check it out if you see it. So let’s have a glance at my experience.

Hawa Mahal Market Jaipur

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Things To Do In Jaipur

  • The unique thing I bought from this market is a beautiful Goat Leather Bag.
  • This bazaar is also ideal for lovers of hand-block printing art.
  • Don’t forget to buy Jaipuri quilts from the Hawa Mahal Market.
  • Several shops are there for fans of Sanganeri Prints.
  • I also got myself mini souvenirs from the market.
  • I got hungry while shopping here. For that, Chaat shops were not far away.

I am Julia Baker from Canada, a system software developer and avid traveler. I love traveling and visiting a new place at least once a month. I have been traveling a lot to Jaipur these days, and I have learned one thing. You can never get enough of this Rajasthani city.

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