Punjab Tourism: The Best Places to Visit in Amritsar at Night

Amritsar is one of the incomparable cities to be in Punjab, especially at night, when the place becomes even more lively and beautiful. As a part of the Amritsar Tourism Guide, this blog by India By Car and Driver will help all those who love to spend most of the time traveling at night. So, if you are also one of those people, continue reading.

The best ways to spend your evenings in Amritsar

If you were in your home town, you would have prepared your bed and slept till morning, but that is if you were in your home town, but right now we are in Amritsar, here you must make the most of your tourism. Thus we will share with you ten things to do in nights and evenings at the residence of the Golden Temple. So here’re The Best Places to Visit in Amritsar at Night.

The Golden Temple: The Golden Temple is one of the most famous temples in Amritsar, Punjab, and India. Here, devotees from India come to seek spiritual aid and peace, and it’s lovely to watch. The Harmandir Sahib at night becomes even more beautiful. You will achieve peace and calm at night as you sit, relax, and hear the hymns sung inside the temple.

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Rani Ka Bagh Market: Some good places to understand a new culture are the markets where you will see many locals casually shopping and chatting. One such market in Amritsar to visit in the evenings and at night is the Rani Ka Bagh Market, where you will find many food stalls, hosiery sellers, restaurants, and textile shops. 

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Chor Bazaar: If you are a regular shopper, you know how essential it is to bargain and feel proud after buying the most expensive product at the lowest price. You will get the same feeling at the Chor Bazaar in Amritsar, bargaining at night. It is one of the Amritsar Tourist Places where many foreign tourists buy traditional Punjabi goods at the lowest price. But, unfortunately, India By Car and Driver does not recommend it, if you want good quality products.  

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Durgiana Temple: Fun fact, Amritsar is also known as Ambarasar, founded by Guru Ram Das in 1574. It is a hub of Sikhism. However, it is linked with the Sikh religion and Hinduism. Here the Durgiana temple is a perfect example of it, where you can achieve peace and calm while listening to special prayers called aartis.   

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Celebration Market: Out of all the places in Amritsar on our list, the Celebration Market, as the name hints, is the place where you will find celebrations at night with various activities. Your children will love to visit this market, and as for you, you will enjoy shopping for the latest fashion accessories.    

Jallianwala Bagh: It is one of the most patriotic places in the history of India; the place reminds us of the cowardly act of shooting Indians who were there for a peaceful protest against colonization by the British. The walls are still marked with bullet holes, which remind us of our heroes. Going here at night and paying tribute to our nationals is the best thing to do in Amritsar. Although the place is closed for night visiting, seeing it outside also fills our eyes with tears.    

Fun Cinemas: Who doesn’t love late-night movie shows, popcorn, and fun? You can do all of that together at the fun cinemas in Amritsar evenings. Trust us; this one is the activity which couples will love for sure.

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