Top 10 Places in India Where Indians Are Not allowed

Don’t be alarmed. Neither be overwhelmed nor think it’s a made-up article. There are some places in India, which don’t allow locals, but only travelers from abroad. We will share with you ten such sites and the strong (but not probably logical) reasons behind the no-Indian policy at these places.   

The not so incredible Places in India where Indian citizens are banned

Sadly and unfortunately, these are the ten places where Indian locals are barred from entering. India By Car and Driver regrets it, but what else can we do about it than spread awareness.

Red Lollipop Hostel in Chennai: You can’t enter this place because of its strict no Indians policy. The Red Lollipop Hostel in Chennai is an international standards hostel, where only foreigners can stay after showing passports.

  • There is a relief that only first-time travelers to India can experience.   

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Foreigner’s only beaches in Goa: If you love swimming, sand, and waters, you would want to go to one of the beaches in Goa, but check your details before entering because if it is a foreigner’s only beach, you, unfortunately, can’t enter. Luckily, there are more beaches in Goa than you think.

  • The reason for barring Indians is to protect foreigners in swimsuits and bikinis from stares by locals.

Norbulingka Café in Dharamshala: Dharamshala is a fanciful place where you can have a fun and memorable time at many cafes, except for one called the Norbulingka Café. However, foreigners can freely enter here and enjoy a gala time.

  • The bright side is that foreigners who even look Indians are banned here.

Russian Colony in Kunnamkulam: The reason for banning Indians here is industrial. The Russian Colony in Kunnamkulam is a residential area for Russians working in nuclear power plants in India.

  • There are numerous clubhouses, hotels, etc., for the entertainment of Russians living there.  

Sakura Ryokan Restaurant in Ahmedabad: You can try Japanese food anywhere else in Ahmedabad, India, or even Japan itself, but not at the Sakura Ryokan Restaurant in Ahmedabad and to put salt on the burn, it happens to be a world-class restaurant.

  • Earlier, it was not like we mentioned, but it banned Indians because north-Indians would inappropriately stare at the waitresses.

Broadlands Hotel in Chennai: This one is not even one of the most luxurious hotels in Chennai, but still, Indians are not allowed here. The rooms it offers are nothing more than satisfactory, but still, it’s filled with foreigners.

  • Due to its strict, no-Indian policy, the Broadlands Hotel in Chennai has been a part of a massive debate for years.

UNO – In Hotel in Bengaluru: Can you believe a place exists in the south Indian city, Bangalore, where Indians are banned, but the UNO – In Hotel is an example. Since its inauguration in 2012, Indians have been barred from entering here.

  • Thankfully it is for the Japanese, and foreigners from other countries are also banned.

Foreigner’s Only Beach in Pondicherry: Coming back to the beaches, Pondicherry, also known as Puducherry, has some too where Indians are banned.

  • We don’t know its reason, but it can be similar to Goa’s beaches.

Free Kasol Café in Kasol: Kasol is a destination in India where naturally, many Indians and overseas tourists enter to have fun. Café’s of Kasol is famous worldwide, but there is a café in Kasol called Free Kasol Café where only people from around the world are allowed.

  • This news spread in 2015 when the café welcomed Israelis and denied Indians because Indians here misbehave with foreigners.

Unknown lodge in Chennai: Thankfully, the last on our list is an unnamed lodge in Chennai, which does not allow Indians to enter. A fun fact that you should know about this place is locals ironically named it Highlands, which is just a made-up name.

  • We have information that the ban on Indians was because it was a Nawab’s residence, and now, it only allows tourists with overseas passports.

However, all hope is not lost. There are more places in India where you can join along with foreigners than where Indians are banned. For tours to such sites, we, as India By Car and Driver offer our Delhi Jaipur Agra Tour, 14 Nights – 15 Days Pushkar Camel Fair, Himachal Fantasy Tour Package, and Kerala Tour Package, among others.     

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