The Top 10 Breathtaking Architectures of Kashmir

We all know that Kashmir is also known as the heaven on earth, and it still is. Even though it has seen many modern and architectural changes, nothing can take this title away from Kashmir. One of the reasons behind it is its ancient architectural monuments. Today, India By Car and Driver will explore 10 of the best examples of Kashmir’s architectural miracles.

Wonder at the architectural excellence of Kashmir

When you look at these architectures, you will indeed say, God, himself constructed these. So please take a look at the Top 10 Breathtaking Architectures of Kashmir.   

Hari Parbat Fort in Srinagar: It is one of the famous places to visit on your Srinagar Tour. Trust us. You don’t want to miss stopping over this monument, visible from anywhere in the city, well known for its unique surroundings circled by dense forests, erotic gardens, and luxurious landscapes.    

Hari Parbat Fort in Srinagar

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Leh Palace in Ladakh: Widespread as Lhachen Palkhar, the Leh Palace is a shining example of brilliant medieval Tibetan architecture. Here, you will surely enjoy the breathtaking picturesque views of the Ladakh Mountains and Stok Kangri with its calm surroundings.      

Leh Palace in Ladakh

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Mubarak Mandi Palace in Jammu: Fun fact, it was once the home of Dogra King, but now is one of the most charming & gracious tourist destinations in Jammu, which you must include in your Kashmir Travel bucket list.   

Mubarak Mandi Palace in Jammu

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Pari Mahal in Srinagar: Pari Mahal (The Palace of Fairies) is a place where fairies will love to reside, and so will you. One of the most famous monuments in JK Tourism is its perfect Islamic architectural brilliance and the surrounding terraced garden, which provides capturing views of it.      

Pari Mahal in Srinagar

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Poonch Fort in Jammu & Kashmir: If you love to watch historical forts, then the Poonch Fort in Jammu & Kashmir is the perfect location for you, one of the unique places in Jammu & Kashmir, it is where you will see a pinnacle of Mughal architecture.  

Poonch Fort in Jammu & Kashmir

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Bahu Fort in Jammu: Bahu Fort is one of the reasons why we call Jammu & Kashmir heaven on earth. A blend of flawless grace and splendid beauty, situated on the left shore of Tawi River, it is one of the most ancient monuments of Jammu & Kashmir where heaven meets earth.      

Bahu Fort in Jammu

Akhnoor Fort in Jammu: Akhnoor Fort, as the name suggests, is a feast for the eyes, the beauty of which is incomparable, even with the rest of India. Situated on the banks of the Chenab River, here you will get familiarized with the history of Akhnoor Town and the art of Kashmiri architecture.    

Akhnoor Fort in Jammu

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Martand Sun Temple in Jammu & Kashmir: Whether you believe in Sun God (Surya Dev) or not, you must visit the Martand Sun Temple at least once. The tranquil atmosphere, grey rock architecture, and picturesque surroundings will captivate you entirely and forever.  

Martand Sun Temple in Jammu & Kashmir

Amar Mahal Palace in Jammu: Another palace in Jammu, a feast to the eyes, is the Amar Mahal Palace. Once a residence to the kings, it is now a museum where the red sandstone architecture, golden throne, Pahari miniature, art collections, antique books & Kangra miniature paintings will take your breath away.   

Amar Mahal Palace in Jammu

Bhimgarh Fort in Jammu: A blend of massive lush greenery and architectural excellence, it is a historical asset of Kashmir, where history comes alive. Situated in Reasi, the Bhimgarh Fort’s history has seen many changes, but one thing is the same, that its captivating beauty remains unchanged.     

Bhimgarh Fort in Jammu

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