Top 7 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Nainital For a Complete Family Vacation

Nainital is a hill station in one of the most beautiful states of India, Uttarakhand; here, you will have the best time with your complete family, and you must add it to your list of North India Tours. However, the best part is that there are pet-friendly hotels here, which you rarely find in India.

Enjoy a fun vacation at these hotels with your cutest family members

By cutest family members, we mean pets because we all know how adorable our pets are. Thus, as India  By Car and Driver, we will now share the list of best pet-friendly hotels in Nainital.

Karinya Villas: Wouldn’t it be nice to sit together with your pet and see the beautiful view of Naini Lake? The Karinya Villas lets you do exactly that. It is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Nainital, which offers breathtaking views of the surroundings so that you have an enjoyable stay.     

  • Your pets are allowed with no additional charge.

Karinya Villas

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Emerald Trail: A hotel where your pet will get the same love and care from the staff as it gets from you and your children. That’s right; the Emerald Trail is a hotel, which treats pets like guests. So what are you waiting for? 

  • The place provides bedding and bowls for your pets.

Emerald Trail

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Green Roof Hotel: This hotel is indirectly the shopper’s paradise, as it’s only 9 km from the Nainital Mall, so you can shop everything for your pet and return to this hotel to have a fun time with it. The staff here is polite, heartwarming, and professional so that you will have a complete experience with your entire family, overall one of the Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Nainital Mall Road. 

  • There are no charges for pets, but you must ask for permission to allow your pets.

Green Roof Hotel

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Luxus Nainital Adventure Park & Resort: It’s satisfying to know that the Luxus Nainital Adventure Park & Resort is pet-friendly and a 3-Star Hotel in Nainital. As the name suggests, you and your pet will have an adventure here as you and your companion receive the best facilities and a view of nature.    

  • The place doesn’t charge you extra for pet accommodation.

Luxus Nainital Adventure Park & Resort

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Baba Benison Resort & Restaurant: You can ensure that the Baba Benison Resort & Restaurant will meet your expectation and serve you beyond it. If we say peacefulness, relaxing, splendid views, and heartwarming-hospitality awaits you and your pet, India By Car and Driver didn’t even give you 10% of what this place has to offer.      

  • You must ask for a permit for your pets.

Baba Benison Resort & Restaurant

Ayar Jungle Resort: If you and your pet love luxury, this resort is for you. The Ayar Jungle Resort in Nainital offers state-of-the-art facilities and top-quality services so that you and your pet can have a time together, which you won’t get anywhere else. 

  • Pets are allowed with extra charges.

Ayar Jungle Resort

Sea Hawk Resort: A blend of comfort and luxury, the Sea Hawk Resort allows you to eat delicious world-class cuisines by some of the best chefs. Furthermore, you get in-house activities for hours of engagement, and more awaits you and your pets at the Sea Hawk Resort.     

  • It is one of the best Pet-Friendly Resorts in Nainital.

Sea Hawk Resort

Please note: Please inform our Tour Agent in India in advance if you have pets while traveling in Nainital so that we can arrange a stay at one of these hotels for you.    

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