Top 10 Outstanding River Cruises in India For Your Next Holiday

India is known for various things, and one of those things is river cruising; quite rare and unbelievable if you try to link that to India, but it’s true. So today, we will name the Top 10 Best River Cruises to go to in India.

Cruise your heart out at these Magnificent River Destinations in India 

India By Car and Driver brings you a list of breathtaking river cruises right here in incredible India

Kerala Backwater Cruise: It goes without doubt that Kerala is one of the best places for anyone who wants serenity in the backwaters of this pleasant tourist spot. There are luxury houseboat cruises in Kerala, which offer you an outstanding view of the backwaters, the ancient churches, and the rich greenery all over the place. 

Kerala Backwater Cruise

Sundarbans Cruise: The mystical rivers around the Sundarbans are yet to be discovered by you. So why not do it in the poshest way possible by entering one of the most breathtaking cruises in India? The Sunderbans cruise takes you along the golden beaches, creeks, and islands of the Sundarbans, sprinkled with lush flora and fauna for nature lovers.   

Sundarbans Cruise

Chilika Lake Cruise: If you love to enjoy fairy tale wildlife from the coziness of a luxury cruise, then jump on board this lush Riverboat cruise and witness a variety of birds and dolphins dancing around the coils of water, just for you, if you cease at the Rajahamsa Beach, then you can see rare species of dolphins frolicking in the waters.   

Chilika Lake Cruise

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The Andaman Islands Cruise: If Greece were a country within India, it would be located on the glorious islands of the Andaman. This journey from India is listed as one of India’s most enjoyable luxury rides as it is heaven for beach lovers and divers. To top it all, the luxury boat allows you to witness the miraculous ocean life unwrap right under the glass floor of your boat.  

The Andaman Islands Cruise

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Saikhowa River Cruise: Have you ever thought how just how many gorgeous varieties of flora and fauna live out there? This majestic River cruise in Assam is sure to leave you speechless and in awe of the scenery as you see rare and exclusive species of animals and birds around you.     

Saikhowa River Cruise

Mandovi River Cruise: For those who desire to enjoy the serenity of the oceans after soothing on the shores of Goa, then you require heading to the sunset River cruise on Mandovi River. The Zuari Bay, on the path from Mandovi, is the ideal atmosphere for you to enjoy a carnival, beer, and mouth-watering cuisine.    

Mandovi River Cruise

Ganges heritage Cruise: Cruising on the holy Ganga River gives you a sporting chance to discover the depths of the beauty and lush history along the River Ganges. There are forts like the Munger Fort and the ancient town of Bhagalpur, famous for its fine silk, which you can explore with your loved ones, all in the coziness of luxury on the holy River.    

Ganges heritage Cruise

Brahmaputra River Cruise: When you are touring India, you require exploring locations, which India is proud to pin on the globe. The posh cruise along the beautiful, holy, and ancient Brahmaputra River offers you the opportunity to discover the fascinating countryside, the villages, the exclusive wildlife, and the well-known Indian dolphins of the Ganges. 

Brahmaputra River Cruise

Mangalore Cruise Destination: The minor known, equally gorgeous version of Kerala, Mangalore offers you luxury cruises, which could take your breath away. The destination is an all-time preferred for cruise lovers, as it is an ideal and unique blend of Sea Rivers and forest cruises, something you don’t experience daily.    

Mangalore Cruise Destination

Goa Cruise Destination: You know you cherish Goa. Who doesn’t? The famous tourist destination is also well-known for its different cruises, known locally as the Cunard Line and Princess Cruises.  

Goa Cruise Destination

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