Top 7 Lesser Known Beautiful Valleys to Visit in India

India is a land of great scenic diversity. From dense forests to open beaches, from sand deserts to mountains, the country has all of it. And when it comes to mountain ranges, there is no dearth to it – the mighty Himalayas, ancient Aravallis, lush green Western Ghats, and so many more. With so many of these mountain ranges, we are blessed with innumerable valleys that make the former even more beautiful. But with more and more tourists pouring in every year, it is difficult to find some recluse while traveling.

So, check out this list with some of the lesser-known and most charming valleys in the country –

01. Mana Valley (Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand)

Mana Valley, named after Mana village, holds an important place in Hindu mythology as well as modern Indian history. Located 5 kilometers north of Badrinath, Mana is the place where Maharishi Vyasa narrated the epic of Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha. Mana is also considered as the last village of India and leads to Mana Pass on the Indo-China border, which is also considered as the highest motorable pass in the world. The pass was also an ancient trade route between the Indian state and the kingdom of Tibet.

Apart from that, the village is located on the confluence of Saraswati and Alaknanda rivers, and the valley runs through the latter. The valley is remote, with one of the most enchanting sceneries and waiting to be explored.

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Mana Valley (Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand)

02. Tirthan Valley (Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh)

Tirthan Valley, named after Tirthan river, is one of the most charming valleys in the state of Himachal Pradesh. With most of the tourists visiting Parvati Valley and Spiti Valley further ahead, Tirthan Valley remains lesser explored and has retained its beauty as yet. To enjoy the charm of the valley, you can stay at campsites that are stretched along the river. The campsites simply let you stay close to nature and the river, and you can also indulge in adventure sports like zip-lining and river crossing. Thanks to the proximity, you can also explore the Great Himalayan National Park while you are in the valley.

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Tirthan Valley (Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh)

03. Nubra Valley (Leh, Ladakh)

Located 150 kilometers north of Leh and nestled in the mighty Karakoram mountain range, Nubra valley sits at an altitude of 3048 meters above the sea level and is accessible through Khardung La Pass from Leh. Situated at the confluence of the Nubra river and Shyok river which is a tributary of the Indus, the valley is one of the most remote and sparsely populated in the country. Due to its remoteness, it remains one of the most untouched valleys and the most bewitching to the eye and charming sceneries in the country. Khardung La Pass and Diskit monastery are the attractions that you must check out on your way to the valley.

Nubra Valley (Leh, Ladakh)

04. Dibang Valley (Upper & Lower Dibang Valley district, Arunachal Pradesh)

Dibang Valley, named after the river of the same name, is a remote and a large area and separated into two, namely Upper and Lower Dibang Valley. The Lower Dibang Valley, with its headquarters in Roing, sees more tourists and offers scenic treks, hikes, and waterfalls. The most famous trek in the area is to Mishmi Hills.

The Upper Dibang Valley is more remote, with its headquarters in Anini and with Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary further north along Indo-China border. The distance of 225 kilometers between Roing and Anini tells you just how large enough the valley is, that too full of raw and natural beauty. Make sure you have the necessary permits from the authorities before visiting the valley.

Dibang Valley (Upper & Lower Dibang Valley district, Arunachal Pradesh)

05. Dzukou Valley (Kohima, Nagaland, Senapati, Manipur)

Dzukou Valley is another absolute beauty from north-eastern India. Dzukou Valley is charming, breathtaking, covered with snow throughout the winter, and with magnificent flowers throughout the summer. One such particular flower is the Dzukou lily, which is endemic to the area. The valley is only accessible by trekking, which can be started from the villages of Viswema and Zakhama, which are situated at a distance of 24 kilometers and 31 kilometers, respectively, from Kohima. However, if you wish to reach the valley from Manipur, then another trek to Dzukou Valley has been started by the Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association. If you want more of the adrenaline rushing through your body, then trek further to Japfu peak, which overlooks the mesmerizing Dzukou Valley.

Dzukou Valley (Kohima, Nagaland, Senapati, Manipur)

06. Araku Valley (Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh)

Araku Valley is one of the most picturesque valleys in the Eastern Ghats. Populated by the indigenous tribes, there is a museum in the valley that showcases culture and lifestyle and handicrafts of these tribes. Aside from the museum, the most famous attraction in Araku Valley is the Borra caves, which are one of the most beautiful limestone caves in India. Araku Valley is also known for numerous waterfalls and coffee plantations that make the valley what it is.

Araku Valley (Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh)

07. Ketti Valley (The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu)

Ketti Valley, one of the world’s largest gorges, is located in the Nilgiris mountains in the Western Ghats of the country. You can have the best view of the valley while standing on a peak of the famous hill town of Ooty. The best way to explore Ketti Valley is by taking the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The valley is home to one of the most spectacular waterfalls and magnificent tea gardens. Hiking and bird-watching are the activities that you must do while in Ketti Valley.

Ketti Valley (The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu)

Valleys and gorges are a topography that enchants to the core. There is nothing like standing in a gorge, on a riverside, and watching the mountains rise high in the sky towards both sides. For the love of the mountains and gorges, add these places in your checklist and do cross them!

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