Why Rajasthan is a must visit state of India

India has numerous states, each more beautiful than the next. Out of all Indian states, Rajasthan is India’s largest and most visited state, but why? This blog will tell you why Rajasthan is a must-visit state of India.

Impressive forts & palaces: Rajasthan, India’s desert (but not deserted) state, is famous for its architecture that will always amaze you. There are so many forts and palaces, each unique from the other. It’s simply breathtaking.

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Famous wildlife sanctuaries & national parks: Talking about wildlife lovers, Rajasthan is unmatched for that too; there are multiple wildlife sanctuaries & national parks with beautiful & exotic flowers, animals, flowers, and plants. For example, you must have heard of the Ranthambore National Park. It alone proves why you must see wildlife in Rajasthan. 

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Exotic heritage hotels: The beautiful palaces of the Rajput kings of the past have now been turned into exotic heritage hotels, which give you a great experience of the culture, heritage, and glory of the great kings. Overall, taking a tour of the exotic heritage hotels is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Festivals & dances: India is full of unique festivals and dance forms in each state, and Rajasthan is no different. Take, for example, the mesmerizing Kalbeliya dance and the charm of the 14 Nights – 15 Days Pushkar Camel Fair. There are so many other dances & festivals in Rajasthan that will indulge you, and you can also learn the basics. We can’t say much, other than that you got to experience it all yourself to believe.  

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The unique cities: Since Rajasthan is the largest state of India by population & cities, it will take you multiple tours to experience each amazing city completely, where each town has unique heritage sites, tourist attractions, culture, and mouth-watering cuisine that you must try. Pushkar, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and every state offer a memorable experience of warmth and unending enjoyment.

Desert safari: Since Rajasthan is a desert state, you must have a desert safari. You can choose a camel for a bumpy and slow ride in the desert or a jeep for a fast and thrilling drive. Whatever you choose, it will be an unforgettable experience. However, India by Car and Driver advises you to desert safari in the spring or winter to enjoy the experience at Jaisalmer and others thoroughly.     

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Culture: The culture of Rajasthan spread across its different states is what completes it. The culture of warm hospitality, unique dances & festivals, and heritage is something that you have never seen before.  

Shopping: Not only souvenirs, but you can also go shopping for the local dresses, handicrafts, and jewelry in the market. But beyond that, you can also learn a new skill there that you can cherish forever and teach to your loved ones.

Serine lakes: Its serene lakes make Rajasthan a must-visit state for couples. Lake Pichola of Udaipur, Mansagar Lake of Jaipur, Gadsisar Lake of Jaisalmer, and many others will give you a pleasant, romantic, and tranquil experience you will never forget.   

Mouth-watering cuisine: Every city offers a unique taste in its mouth-watering cuisine. Rajasthani food is a feast for your soul, from the local food to the street food.

Now that you know why Rajasthan is a state you must visit on your India Tours, there’s only one thing left to do. So pack your bags, and head out on a Rajasthani experience of a lifetime with India by Car and Driver. We offer luxurious & affordable Rajasthan Tour PackagesThat includes the Exotic and Classical Rajasthan Tour, Discover Deserts, Forts and Palaces Tour Package, and Rajasthan Cultural Tour Package to make a memorable and fun holiday experience with your family & friends.

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