Ed Sheeran Dazzles on His Musical India Tour Concert in Mumbai

Ed Sheeran returns to India for his third concert! His India Trip has culminated into a riveting concert on March 16, 2024 as the global sensation brings his + – = ÷ x Mathematics Tour to Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Racecourse. With a history of mesmerizing performances and chart-topping hits, Sheeran’s India Tour promises an unforgettable night of music and magic. Want to know more about this exciting event? Read on! Top Highlights of Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics […]

India’s Top 10 Cleanest Cities to Explore and Admire

Khargone, Chandrapur, New Delhi, Ahemdabad, Vijayawada, Mysore, Ambikapur, Navi Mumbai, Surat, and Indore are India’s top 10 cleanest cities to explore and admire.

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