India’s Top 10 Cleanest Cities to Explore and Admire

Did you know that some Indian cities have maintained cleanliness to a level that everywhere you visit looks like a dreamland? Yes, some cities have done a great job regarding cleanliness and hygiene. With that being said, here are India’s Top 10 Cleanest Cities to Explore and Admire.   

Indore: Starting our list is the cleanest city in India. Indore is free of strewn garbage, open sewers, and other unsanitary & unsightly conditions. So explore and admire its tourist attractions such as Rajwada Palace, Lalbagh Palace, Central Museum, Sarafa Bazaar, and Chappan Dukan with views that come right out of a fairy tale, where everything is clean and shiny.  


Surat: There are reasons Surat is also another one of the Cleanest Cities in India. It has got the second rank in cleanliness. This beautiful city, famous for textiles and diamonds, has gone through crucial development over the years, including maintaining cleanliness, overall another clean Indian city to explore.


Navi Mumbai: Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the motto that Navi Mumbai follows to keep itself clean. It’s your ideal choice for a walking tour. It has many natural and architectural wonders, including Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Wonders Park, Pandavkada Falls, and ITC Park, that will give you a unique experience on foot. 

Navi Mumbai

Ambikapur: Not only is it one of the cleanest, but Ambikapur is also one of the oldest cities in India, which tells us a lot about it, even before visiting it. Here, take blessings at the temples and explore the natural wonders. Overall, you will get a soothing, relaxing, and refreshing experience.  


Mysore: One of the reasons we call Mysore the 5th cleanest city in India is its people, who have supported the government to run proper household waste segregation and planned waste management schemes. People fondly call it the City of Palaces, or the Garden City, a paradise for tourists. Why wouldn’t it be?


Vijayawada: Its cleanliness attracts tourists from near and far, who visit to take a glimpse of its architectural wonders such as Undavalli Caves. One of the biggest clean cities in India, the ones who come here will experience the best of Andhra Pradesh. 


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Ahemdabad: Ahemdabad is yet another big clean city of India on this list of India by Car and Driver, thanks to its adequate waste segregation and disposal. Also known as the Manchester of India, it is one of those cities where you won’t run out of options to explore.  


New Delhi: First of all, clarify that it’s not a city but a subpart of Delhi, another being Old Delhi. And just so you know, New Delhi is cleaner than Old Delhi. Thanks to its municipality’s efforts to defeat air pollution to make it a better place to live and a more beautiful place for tourists.     

New Delhi

Chandrapur: Back in Maharashtra, another clean city in India is Chandrapur. It is also a preferred vacation stopover for tourists, especially nature and architecture lovers.   


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Khargone: The second city from Madhya Pradesh that made it into our list is Khargone. Something that makes us proud and happy is that this small yet beautiful city is also growing in popularity. So come and discover one of the least explored cities of India.


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