When & Where to Go in India 2022 – A Complete Guide

When & Where to Go in India 2022 - A Complete Guide

India is a nation that people can’t get enough of, especially tourists, who swarm the various states every month to enjoy its beautiful structures, cultures, and festivals. However, planning to travel to India is something that you can’t do alone because of the ever-changing weather conditions, peak seasons, temperatures, festivals, and more. But not to worry, India by Car and Driver presents this complete guide that will help you plan when and where to go in India in 2022.

The right destinations for 2022

First, let’s see which destinations are ideal for 2022. You may have already guessed that you can’t just go anywhere in India anytime. So please take a glance at our list.

  • Rajasthan. (The cultural hub of Rajputs)
  • Kerala. ( scenic natural beauty everywhere)
  • Vadodara. (The largest statue in the world is in Kevadia, best traveled from here)
  • Himalayan Destinations. (Because it’s the Mighty Himalayas)
  • South India. (For the best of India)
  • Golden Triangle Tour. (Everyone’s favorite Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra)

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Your Month wise guide

It is the blog section; you all have been waiting for. Every month in India has particular places where you will have the best experience. So let’s take a quick look.


January is the winter’s peak, no wonder why many tourists visit these places in the month.

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Weather: 26-31C, 78mm rain, 5mph wind.


February is the month of Valentine that India also celebrates with its beauty at its peak.

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Weather: 25-30C, 6mph wind.


March is the month for beaches and roads in India. So let’s see which ones.

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Weather: 28-33C, 12mm rain, 5mph wind.


Due to the seasonal shift, places other than the ones on this list are out of bounds.

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Weather: 29-30C, 6mph wind.


We would recommend high-altitude destinations in May because you can’t trust the Indian climate during this month.

  • Mount Abu.
  • Darjeeling.
  • Lakshadweep Island.
  • Coonoor.
  • Ooty.
  • Wayanad.

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Weather: 26-31C, 8mph wind.


June is the month when the summer takes its toll. We would recommend coastlines and wildlife beauties.

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Weather: 29-33C, 66mm rain, 10mph wind.


The summer is rising, and rain can fall at any time in July in India. So it is the perfect time for adventurers and tourists to explore these places.

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Weather: 28-30C, 567mm rain, 10mph wind.


August is when India becomes fresh, colorful, and naturally beautiful again. We would recommend the cultural hubs of India for the best experience.

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Weather: 28-30C, 402mm rain, 9mph wind.


Seeing the natural beauty from India’s highways and rocky roads is the best thing to do in September. For seafood lovers, we would recommend South India Tours.

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Weather: 27-31C, 30mm rain, 6mph wind.


October is the month when India experiences smooth winds. Here’s where you should go to feel it on your face.

  • Golden Triangle.
  • Hampi.
  • Kutch.
  • Rishikesh.
  • Wayanad.
  • Ziro.

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Weather: 25-31C, 21mm rain, 5mph wind.


Experience the perfect weather and culture of India at these places in November.

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Weather: 26-30C, 15mm rain, 5mph wind.


December is when India is covered in snow, but not at these places.

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Weather: 27-32C, 10mm rain, 5mph wind.

See, there are so many places to visit in India. You have got all the time in the world for the year to visit. So have you planned your South, East, West, or North India Tour? India by Car and Driver is ready to give you the best Indian holiday experience.

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