Mount Abu Summer Festival 2022 – A Complete Guide

The summer of Mount Abu is like no other, as during this season, everyone waits for the Summer Festival. This celebration brings the entire town to witness and participate in colorful entertainment, feasts, and cultural activities. This two-day festival is worth your visit, and you should not miss the opportunity to see it when in Mount Abu.

History of the place

Before we begin with the grand festival, let’s first see an interesting fact about it to get you involved. The History of Mount Abu is linked to many mythological and legendary stories of Hinduism. It is believed that about 220 million demi-gods of ancient times used to visit this hill to perform Yagna. The Yagna had soulful energy and devotion. This soulfulness and passion got passed on till today, and the same power can be found in the Summer Festival of Mount Abu.   

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Date: The Mount Abu Summer Festival is celebrated every May or June for two days. The date falls on Buddha Purnima, which changes as per the lunar calendar. The energetic festival will start on 17th May and end on 18th May.

Entry fee and timing: You should note that there are no specific entry fees and timing for the festival as each activity has its ticket price and timings. Usually, the festival starts in the morning and marks its conclusion at night. However, some celebrations have different timing. 

How is the Mount Abu Summer Festival celebrated?

Day 1: The celebration witnesses ballad singing as the beginning event, commencing with a grand procession from RTDC Hotel Shikhar. Later it is time for the Cultural Performances of Rajasthan and Gujarat at the Nakki Lake.

Day 2: You can see multiple local competitions and games like Horse Race, Panihari Matka Race, CRPF Band Show, Skating Competition, Ghoomar, Tug of War, etc. However, the most significant event is the Nakki Lake Boat Race.

Tourist Attractions During The Festival

During the festival, there are numerous events to get indulged in. Here is a list to let you know how you will enjoy the festival.

1. Folk dances and music performances

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2. Tribal cultural activities

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3. Daph Folk Dance, Gair Dance, ballads, and Ghoomar by local performers

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4. Boating Competition in Nakki Lake

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5. Traditional games include horse races, Panihari Matka races, CRPF Band Show, Skating competitions, Tug of War, etc

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6. Feasts of Local Cuisine at different places, specifically around Nakki Lake

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7. The Sham-E-Qawwali Music Show at the Town Center is the festival’s main highlight

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8. The festival ends with the sky lightening up with beautiful fireworks

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Tourist spots in Mount Abu

Why not see the Tourist Attractions in Mount Abu while you are there for the Summer Festival. Here are some recommendations from India by Car and Driver.

  • Dilwara Group of Temples – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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  • Guru Shikhar – 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM.

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  • Nakki Lake – 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

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  • Sunset Point.

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  • Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary – 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

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Are you excited to enjoy the Mount Abu Summer Festival this year? India by Car and Driver will include it in your next Rajasthan Tour in a comfortable and affordable trip that we have to offer for your enjoyment.

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